Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I see the Republicans caught in a mouse trap, as we are guilty of wrapping ourselves in the American flag, and guilty for elevating the Commander in Chief and other Republicans to defenders of our freedom. We are the defenders of freedom standing behind the brave that put their lives on the line for the United States, not politicians. We are in a quagmire in the Middle East, and we have lost over 20 soldiers in Iraq, since the Israel/Lebanon conflict began a little under two weeks ago. President Bush is calling for more troops in Iraq, and this is leading me to believe that we will get involved militarily with Israel, and it will only lead to hundreds of thousands of innocents and warriors getting killed. The trap that we are in is exactly where the neocons want us, where we cannot complain because there is no way out. We should have never went into Iraq in the first place. Sure Saddam is undergoing a mockery of a trial, but we have lost over 2,500 soliders and have another 20,000 injuured. And, there are no numbers on the number of Iraqis killed, but some have the estimates above 30,000. Now, we have a Civil War. But you know this is what the neocons wanted all along because a Civil War keeps the Shias killing the Sunni and vice versa. This prevents a Caliphate of Muslim Brotherhood from forming. I had nearly a thirty minute conversation with a radio personality, Robby Noel, yesterday. Robby is from England and then lived in Rhodesia where he fought in the Apartheid conflict that has totally devastated South Africa. Robby broadcasts from Scottsdale, AZ on Internet (RBN) and short wave radio, and is also an expert in gold valuation that I found out by checking his bio on the Internet. Robby works every day combatting political correctness, and left me a comment on this blog that he wants to give me air time. After we talked yesterday, he ask me to call back when I would like to be on his program. We discussed the fact that we are all living in a Marxist political correctness situation that was similar to what happened in Africa. If you spoke out for your beliefs in Africa as a white man, you were called a racist by the main stream media. People were silenced into not speaking out against the wars.

Robby and I agreed that we are silenced by the media if we think the war is wrong, and we sit back in silence while we lose young and older soldiers daily in the Middle East War, where we should have never even entered into. We are financing ethnic cleansing and creating more hatred toward the United States on a daily basis. The United States only represents five percent of the population in the world, and we need allies not enemies. Israel is not an ally of the United States, as it is an orphan that we helped bring to birth and an orphan that our leaders blindly support. Israel has a socialist government that cannot support itself, as everyone knows that socialism cannot survive. We send billions of dollars of aid to Israel every year, and the soldiers fighting for Israel want peace just as badly as we do. But peace is not established by war, and when will we ever learn that. War critics, no matter where they are from are silenced and ridiculed. Why when we had Cindy Sheehan speak out, people criticized her as if she were Satan. The article about "The Revolt of the Generals," is about real generals telling the truth, but they are silienced by Fox and other war media. Congressman Murtha, a Vietnam War veteran, in the past very respected by President Bush and other Republicans, was ridiculed and destroyed when he spoke out about the fact that Iraq has become a Civil War.

Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity, et al throw daggers at all of those that speak out against the war. I say to Sean and Ann, when I see you put on the bullet proof vests and join the front line then I will take your rhetoric seriously. This 51 year old writer will not get fooled again, just like the song by the Who. I am, I suppose, in the fall of my life and my memories and life's lessons will follow me to my grave. But hopefully, there will be wiser heads that live in the future that stand up and say, we do not support wars abraod. I say that we build up our military, defend our own borders and try to rid our own soil from those that would bring destruction against us. Sure, there will be lay offs in the defense industry. But, we will move forward to a peaceful world. God bless.

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