Thursday, July 06, 2006


I am asking myself, what would Jesus do about the situation with North Korea or how would he advise the rest of the world to handle North Korea? We have a country that is located in the Japan Sea, that is surrounded by Japan, Russia and China. Russia has a missile defense system that could no doubt destroy North America many times over, as does China. And Japan is not a force to be reckoned with either.

We have a homogenous country that is a communist dictatorship that is smaller than Mississippi, per the CIA statistics link here in this blog, and has a population of a little over 23 million. North Korea's population is less than 10% the size of the United States, and virtually has no oil resources to speak of. North Korea must depend upon foreign aid to feed its Citizens, and is not a threat to our national security. Perhaps, North Korea feels threatened itself by the military super powers that borders its tiny area of the world. If resources got so limited in the world, would they be the first sacriicial lamb and be allowed to die off? You see, it is sometimes wise to try to see just what it is that makes others do what they do. Could not the missile tests be a step in the survival of the fittest? If they can get the attention of the world, then maybe they can get some more food to feed their hungry population.

From what I see, the news media is making a mountain out of a mole hill. We need to talk and reason with leaders of other countries, and help out if people are in need. War is not the only recourse, and we need to give peace talks a chance. We may not like the communist model of government, but it is not our right to dictate how other people live. So, I truly believe that Jesus would advise us to give restraint and patience a chance.

If we were ever at risk during the Fourth of July holidays, we have enough military build up in Guam to take care of a situation. I am disgusted with our war mongering and fear mongering media that blows these things out of proportion. The liberal media reports the missile tests in an attempt to box President Bush in a corner. And the war network, Fox News, uses the missile tests for reasons to support preemptive wars. Frankly this beating of war drums is getting old, and I pray for the day when we can elect an isolationist President in the United States. Perhaps, Tom Tancredo would be the ideal person to support in 2008!

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JP said...

Glad to see a conservative taking this position.