Friday, July 28, 2006


AIPAC has a budget of approximately $47 million with a 100 member staff in Washington DC. Newt Gingrich, when speaker of the House, spoke on the floor about moving an embassy to Israel because he was trying hard to direct Jewish campain money away from Democrats. Bob Dole did the same thing when he was running for President, as did Hillary Clinton when she was running for the Senate. This group is not only a powerful PAC in Washington DC, but it also directs Jews in Israel of who to support for political office, as well as Jews that reside in the United States. Never forget that it is money that buys power and influence for politicians that care about one thing and that is being powerful players in the United States. The Christians are thrown out some pretense that these greedy politicians think about values and morals, as they vote for well-staged publicity stunt bills. But this powerful lobbying has led to the racist genocide that is taking place in the Middle East. Yes there are bad people everywhere, and no doubt they deserve to be captured and punished. But how many innocent people do we have to kill to kill one terrorist? I venture that 99% of the people that have been killed in Iraq were innocent bystanders in this "War on Terror." And there is no doubt in my mind, that the majority of those killed in the last couple of weeks in Lebanon were innocent human beings. Yes, wake up people. It is innocent people that are being viciously slaughtered for the most part. Well, I hope that you click this link and read about AIPAC. It is an eye opener. I did not mention the Democrats that also get funding, as I just focused on the Republicans. (President Bush is also mentioned in this aritcle). Now do you see why anyone that has ambitions of running for President supports Israel because of undue influence from AIPAC?

I want to make the reader aware that I am a born again Christian, and I do believe in the twelve tribes of Jews retuning to Israel in preparation of Christ's return. But I feel that the placement of the European Jews in Israel in 1948 was forceful to the Paletinians that lived in that area. These Palestinians were in some cases killed and some were dropped off in the desert (how many do you think survived this treatment). I feel that Jesus would want his chosen people to return in a peaceful manner to live with those already in the area without bloodshed. I read the Bible and see Jews that move to their homeland to worship God. When I read the Bible, I see Israel in the final days as a nation that cannot defend itself against those that would want to harm them. So here we have the new Country of Israel with a nuclear arsenal, with torpedo boats, with a navy fleet, with F-16s and with financial backing from the United States armed like a monster in the Middle East. The Israel that I envision in the Holy Bible is as weak as a lamb, that others would seek to destroy because of them being unable to defend herself, at which time Christ would return to destroy those that do Israel harm. When a people are transplanted into an area that causes others to be pushed out of land that they have lived on for years, and those new people have an air of superiority over those that they deem less worthy of them is just not what I believe God would condone.

I read the scriptures where Jesus says that no man knows the time of my return, and I feel that our leaders are on a dangerous mission to take prophecy into their own hands. In tying false theology to the day, it allows Christians to be deceived while a whole people are eliminated in what I believe will be a nuclear bomb in the Middle East. Oh, how people forget that 150 million Christians died in World War I and World War II, maybe more. Don't you think that this was also hyped as a biblical prophecy then, too? But Jesus knows well the hearts of men, as he was judged like a common criminal on Earth by politicians, and he says in Matthew that "there will always be wars and rumors of wars." We cannot stop the wars, and we cannot time the second coming of Christ. I want all to be saved, but I know that will never be. And I do know in my heart that Christ is sad to see the innocent children, men and women that are being killed and maimed in this unjust war. You see in Revelations it is Jesus that will return to defend Israel not the IDF that has devasted Lebanon, which is my interpretation of the scripture. Furthermore, Jesus tells the Pharisees that they are not his people and that he did not come to save them, and that they are the seeds of Satan. When Jesus words are written in Matthew, Mark. Luke and John, I have not read anything that says, but I will come back and give you a second chance. This is why I have trouble with Revelations being taken literally. But the bottom line is that we will all have to wait and see when the time comes for us to depart this world what Jesus has in store for us. I cannot in my heart be a cheerleader for the killings of innocent peoples, and be a Christian at the same time. I think this routing out of entire Country to kill a minority of terrorist is the wrong way to solve our problems in the world. Yes, I have flip-flopped back and forth on the war. But when, I view pictures of dead bodies mutulated from bombs my feelings about war change. I pray for peace in the world.

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