Wednesday, July 26, 2006


This link will take you to a video about the build up our military, and it is "why we fight." It takes the viewer from World War II up to present day, from the dropping of the atom bomb in Japanese territory and fighting the Nazis to the present day of fighting to spread democracy to the middle east and eliminate the world of terrorism. But, you will see the bigger picture. The bombs made by Raytheon and other defense contractors, where one woman talks about how it bothers her when she sees a bomb dropped and wonders if she helped to produce it. This lady goes on to say that she would "rather be making toys for Santa Claus." The film shows the reality of how defense contractors flood money into congressional districts to make sure that they are awarded contracts.

I was born in 1954, and I like to think of my toddler days as the good ole days, but the film talks about the fact of how dangerous that period really was. This made me remember how my mother purchased extra canned goods, as the household budget would allow because of the "fear" that was pushed in the media that the Soviet Union had all of these weapons headed for our shores. Then I remembered standing in lines at the armory in Madison, Indiana to get the small pox vaccination and everyone in the town seemed to be there in the line. It makes me think of the "bird flu fear" that is now being pushed and hyped. And this leads to drug companies making profits producing vaccines that may be for false threats, but how do we know. Who can we trust? We are supposedly the spreaders of Democracy, but we are forced to live in fear, fear of the boogie man; fear of horrible plagues; fear and sympathy that someone way far away is being mistreated by their tyrannical leader. We were the government at one time, and were never supposed to be reduced to being swept up by fear. Fear allows leaders to mislead and manipulate the public, and we are at a point in history where most people do not know why we are in Iraq. It cannot be tied to 911, but some think that. Some think the war is about oil, and some people hate the government no matter what and burn our flag. But I have figured out that war is our survival because we have allowed the military complex to grow and grow unchecked. Most people vote for a politician to send them to Washington DC to bring back the bacon, and the majority of the bacon is related to defense spending right here in Georgia. The soldiers fight because that is their job, and most go about their daily lives never giving the sacrifice of these brave soldiers a second thought. The soldiers are fighting for freedom in the hearts and minds of most, but in reality they are pawns on the chess board for those of us that live off their sacrifice to gain temporary treasures on Earth.

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