Saturday, September 09, 2006


Jewish Supremacists Lose Case Against Polish Radio Report; Posted on: 2006-09-07 23:06:10 Freedom of opinion triumphs as government drops charges Polish prosecutors have dropped a case filed by Jewish extremists against the Polish radio station Radio Maryja. The Jews who brought the case are unhappy with the station's independent-minded commentary on Jewish conduct. In April 2006, Stanislaw Michalkiewicz, a regular commentator on Radio Maryja, a Catholic radio station with a large national audience, scorned the expropriation of Polish property that Jews are demanding from the Poles as "compensation" for having being punished for their crimes during WWII. Michalkiewicz declared in a broadcast that "Jews have humiliated Poland internationally by demanding money." The anchor noticed that "Kikes sneak up behind us to try to oblige our government to pay them money on the pretext of these demands." Abraham Foxman, leader of the US-based Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL), was incensed at the government's dismissal of the case."For the prosecutor to say that Michalkiewicz's obscene and hateful speech 'must not be seen as a premeditated, offensive or insulting action' is disgraceful," he said. Foxman described Radio Maryja as a major factor behind what he called anti-Semitism among the Poles. Not content with Warsaw's decision, he said he intends to step up his campaign against the radio station with an appeal to the European Union. The Anti-Defamation League, of which Foxman is president, is a Jewish supremacist group devoted to suppressing all criticism of Jews, regardless of whether or not such criticism may be justified. The Poles have indeed shown a fearless independence in their attitude toward Jewish behavior since they effectively regained their independence following the Soviet Union's collapse. Polish public opinion is not always favorable to Jews, prompting demands for suppression from Jewish spokesmen like Foxman. Polish authorities have stood their ground, however, refusing to let non-Poles dictate what Poles shall be permitted to think or say.
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By BeeBee: Some may wonder if I am a racist or a bigot or an anti-semite. My answer is absolutely not! Look at the cases involving the ADL against people and countries, and then see if you can honestly determine who the real bigots and supremacists are. The people that live in the United States are so caught up in materialism and self-interest that they fall for anything, and this trap of allowing our nation to become ruled by an invisible iron curtain is frightening. Wake up or face the consequences that future generations will hate us for our ignorance, and for selling out freedom in the United States!

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