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Editorial Reviews
From Publishers WeeklyOrganizing jokes by all the crucial categories-women, men, mothers, grandmothers, and rabbis-this book, as Billy Crystal puts it in his foreword, is "a big, bubbling pot of borscht." King, currently starring as MGM's big boss in the off-broadway production Mr. Goldwyn, casts new and familiar material in his own mold; as one of the "Rules for Jewish Living" notes: "a good kugel sinks in mercury." While he parses the differences between "Traditional vs. Reform Observance" or listing the "Top Ten Reasons Why God Created Eve" ("7. God knew Adam would never make a doctor's appointment for himself"), King's forte is storytelling and caricature, which he does with gusto, and strong build-ups to punchlines that don't overplay their hands. While some may object to the appearance of the word 'goyim' in the text, King's intention is to warmly entertain in old school Catskills style, and in that he succeeds terrifically. As another of the "Rules" asks: "And what's wrong with dry turkey?"Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc. Book Description“Jesus saves. Moses invests.” “Why spoil a good meal with a big tip?” “What did the Jewish mother ask her daughter when the daughter told her she had had an affair?—‘Who catered it?’ ”“I’ve probably heard—and told—some of the jokes in this book a thousand times; more than a few are older than I am. Others were actually new to me. But I can’t think of a good Jewish joke that isn’t in this collection. Enjoy!” —Alan KingThe undisputed heavyweight champion of Jewish humor livens up the pages with a rich and comprehensive treasury of the all-time best Jewish jokes.From the Polish shtetls to vaudeville and the Catskills to modern Hollywood and comedy clubs across the country, Jewish humor hasn’t just survived, it has become universally loved and often recited—by Jews and non-Jews alike.And who better to compile the best of Jewish humor than Alan King, the consummate comedian who has torn up every venue from the Friar’s Club and Broadway to Comedy Central? In Alan King’s Great Jewish Joke Book, King gathers old standards and hilarious new material, great one-liners and drop-dead funny stories, and packs them into a laugh-(or sometimes a groan-) out-loud celebration of the Jewish funny bone.So why is this book like chicken soup? Because it doesn’t cure anything, but it sure can make you feel better! Or your money back, guaranteed. (Just kidding.) See all
Editorial Reviews

BY BEEBEE: As a student in school, I was many times ashamed that I had blonde hair because there were so many blonde jokes. You see Hitler's Aryans were blondes with blue eyes like me and my family that have roots in the Bavarian area of Germany. The Jews detest the Germans and the Poles, and why do we give them a pass to freely hurt so many people. I even wore a black wig that belonged to my step-mother to school one day, to see if having dark hair would give me more attention. I was the top student in every class that I had, but students still told the stupid blonde jokes in front of me. It was as if they could not see that the majority of the students in the classroom had light colored hair and blue eyes! Children were just mocking what they heard and saw on all of the Jewish controlled sitcoms that were popular in the past, and they are still popular because most of the comedians that make it in Hollywood are of course, Jewish. How many other people are there out there that have been scarred as children by cruel Jewish humor? And who is standing up for our rights? Check out the Political Vine, as the Jewish owner of the blog, Bill Simon, has all of the Jews that have won the Nobel Peace Prize. Well duh, the group that controls the awarding of the Peace Prize and the group that controls the media makes sure that their own is selected. If you think this is an outrageous claim that I am making, prove it! I wonder if Bill is proud that the Jews actually do hurt other people's feelings and trample on the rights of many?

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