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The following info is based on Pioneers of Old Monocacy, Early Settlements of Frederick County MD 1721-43 by Grace L. Tracey and John P. Dern.
Johann Jacob Sturm (b 1701) and sister Maria Barbara Brunner (b 1702) were two of 12 children of Christian Sturm & his second wife Anna Barbara Gah, all natives of Klein Schifferstadt. The Sturm family could trace its history there back to at least 1470. The family is still there, and its current town history was written by a Sturm.
Both were married in Germany, he about 1726 to Anna Benedictina Saur, she on Nov 25, 1725 to Johann Jacob Brunner. The two couples along with two children each, born in K. Schifferstadt emigrated together in 1728, arriving in Philadelphia aboard the Mortonhouse on Aug 23 {"Pennsylvania German Pioneers by Ralph B. Strassburger lists the ship arrival twice; once also on 15 Jun 1728}. The following year, the balance of the Brunner family and others from K. Schifferstadt arrived.
Jacob Storm (as his name changed), spent over 10 yrs in PA. The Lancaster Reformed Churck book records the baptisms in 1739 and 1740 of his 8th (Christina) and 9th (Johann Peter) children. On 9 Jan 1742, the marriage of Jacob Storm and Maria Saurin were recorded, probably at Earl Town. Jacob Storm was naturalized (recorded as Jacob Stern) on 19 Oct 1743. He bought land called "Indian Field" on "Tasker's Chance" on July 28, 1746. The deed mentions a road passing thru, which was apparently on the west side of the Monocacy River, between it and the extension of Market St.
Jacob Storm was one of the initial elders of the Frederick Reformed Church. His name appears as a signatory on the 1748 appeal to Paster Michael Schlatter for help to strengthen the congregation against the Dunkers. He died at 57, leaving his sons Vandel (Wendel), Jacob the Younger, John, Peter, and his daughters Susanna (wife of Martin Cuntz), Anna Maria (wife of Peter Brunner), Anna Elizabeth (wife of Adam Kyle), Maria Barbara (wife of Jacob Turner), Christina, Mary, Catherina, Charlotta, and a second Anna Maria. In accordance with his will, "Indian Fields" was sold to Peter Tofeler, who had married Anna Maria Sturm on 17 Apr 1757.

By BeeBee: I went to school with a girl by the name of Brunner, and never knew that we were related. The Brunners and the Sturms migrated to Canaan, Indiana. The surname became Storm for those that lived in Indiana. My ancestors in Germany were instrumental in the reformation movement, which makes me proud indeed to know that our roots in Christianity go so far back. I have thanked the Hart Family in Pennsylvania for their extensive geneology work, and feel so fortunate to have found this link that traces my family back to the ship Mortonhouse. Finding this geneology link is priceless, indeed.

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