Friday, September 08, 2006


Some of the bloggers may have missed this guy of Katrina fame, he is the guy who looted Heinekin Beer in the aftermath of the hurricane. It is rumored that this movie will feature Sonny Perdue and Mark Taylor, and Mr. Looter who will point out that he was not the real culprit of 2005. The movie will have hillarious scenes involving land deals, tax loop holes and land lease scams and Mr. Looter will blame the media for focusing too much on Heinekin Beer looters to divert attention away from the real crooks. The movie will be a real hoot, and it is rumored that the funniest line will be when Lootsie gets caught with a truck load of Heinekin Beer that he will say "Sonny and Taylor did it!"

The new GOP Platform is your guy is a bigger crook than my guy! So blah, blah, blah! We have our eyes closed and our ears are covered to the mud slinging from the Democrats, as it is clear that no one understands the tax code because the Democrats wrote it! LOL
(We are in a sad state in this sad State!)

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