Thursday, September 14, 2006


PRESSRELEASE would like to inform members, users, and media about our view on todays news concerning the alleged gunman in a Montreal college shooting.
We would like to state that does not support this kind of action! We feel great sympathy on behalf of the victims and relatives in this awful happening.
Due to the Montreal Police investigation of the gunman our pages are down. will be up and running as soon as circumstances concerning this brutal action is solved.

BY BEEBEE: I copied and pasted the writing above from Do you see the times of those that glorify the hate of Satan, and criticize the Christians for being the bad people of the world? If interested, I have some posts on this blog about a gothic church in New York, that was transferred into a house of sin. I have a photo of the gothic teenager that shot and killed the famous lawyer's wife last fall. I cannot remember the name. It should be in October 2005 archives are thereabouts. At one time the western hemisphere was the land of Christianity, and we have gone more and more toward the time when we will have the anti-christ rise up to run for President. I recently read "The End of the Age" by Pat Robertson. Although, I do not agree with everything Pat Robinson ascribes to, I have to admit the book is an eye opener.

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