Wednesday, September 27, 2006


If you have been a President Reagan Conservative for a long time, and in my case actually felt bad for President Nixon when watching the Watergate Trials, you must feel abandoned right now with how are party seems to have abandoned every principle that we once believed in. It is no longer cool to be an evangelical Christian in the moderate party of today, and in fact the moderates are actually embracing people that would go on, and as one person said on yesterday, "just because you may think of the organization as evil does not mean everyone that participates are evil." May not be exact quote, but close enought to scare the hell out of me.

We now have people trying to reach out to those in the Republican Party in a new form of cumbi aye my lord, we love you as a Christian whether or not you follow the word of the Lord (notice one Lord is capitalized) because those old scriptures that say a man shall not lay with a man are archaic and transcribers didn't get it right. I was once again voted off the "island" of this free speech blog because I dared to defend the evangelic Christian view of the world as through the living word of the Holy Bible. A politicain named Will Hinton or one thinking of running in Georgia, wants to bridge the gap and offer a more softer form of religion in the Republican Party, one of love and truth and I suppose his brand of tolerance. So, we that think that homosexuality is a sin, and we that think that abortion is murder are nut cakes. We are bigots, mind you! The Republican Party would not be where it is today without Christians, and the Party is now gambling if PeachPundit is any indication of the direction of the party that it is ok to shun evangelicals to gain the votes of those in the middle.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I will not back down if someone specifically brings my name up in a lead post, and then goes on to say why I am of a small vocal minority that has it all wrong, that Christians are not under attack. Oh yes, it is all a figment of our imagination, and we are all living in a dual world where nothing is as it seems. We do not have sex bills taking place in California that I have called in to the Governor's line in CA and voted no to urge him to veto a bill that will indoctrinate children from Kindergarten forward to practice tolerance for any form of sexuality. We have a Christian choir that traveled to Michigan to perform in a public school called "Heavenly Gates Choir", I believe that is the name of the diverse choir from all over the world. Now mind you, this choir was told that they could not perform any sacred music! Unbelievable, right?

What is taking place on these political blogs is that they are infiltrated with liberal Catholics; Jews that despise Chrisitans that actually practice Christianity; Episcapalians (sp?) that take offense if it is mentioned that their church is split over the gay issue that would allow gay heads of churches; and anyone else that is running for office that absolutely has to be pc in order to garner all of the votes he/she can. All of these people are the ones that are taking the time to blog because most evangelical Christians are busy doing the Lord's work outside of the Internet, and actually the really serious evangelicals are over 50 and few know what a blog is. So when someone such as myself, evangelical Christian since 1965 and actually thought everyone was what I was when I was 11 and baptized, I get bombarded with people coming at me with leading slurs to get me to come back at them because they know that I will debate until the cows come home. And then bold comments are made that I am a bigot, that I should be banned from commenting and that they don't want to talk to me again. Now one poster, spaceyG, had her name highlighted, which means you can click the name and go to that person's blog. Now, she was clearly what would be called a troll, as she came in a few times said something outrageous and no more posts. Well I clicked on her name, and she was the most foul mouthed woman that I had ever read, the posts were filled with the F bomb and just downright filthy talk. And then a girl named mercergirl came in and called me a "self-righteous Bitch." All of these comments took place yesterday or Tuesday. Now mind you, if you bother to go to and look for the post about this religion topic that leads off talking about "Linda," you will see my comments. Now, I am not tame by any means, but I do call people out on not following the Bible and quote a few scriptures and criticize the lottery in Georgia, SPLOSTS and Governor Perdue's shameful tax loop hole or special law for a tax deferral to be retroactive to the prior year. I do go on in and post about 60% of the comments, but I was the scapegoat for the entire post!

Ok, I use no cussing of any sort, but I have told you about the other people above. Now one person was voted off Peach Pundit yesterday by the adminstrators, was it the person who called me a Bitch? No! Was it the person who has a link that takes you to the F bomb articles and everything else fowl under the sun? No! Oh there were some other hateful comments against me, but if you want to read it, you can look at the blog. Walla, it was none other than me, Linda, the only evangelical Christian posting on the blog that was denied further posting prililedges. Well, there was a poster that was evangelical Christian that did write some pretty good debates , that yes Christians are being persecuted in the United States. It is my hopes, that other Chrisitians open their eyes to what is happening today in the Georgia GOP and in the National GOP, and most especially what is happening in the entire United States. We are on the path that is put forth in Revelation, I see it and I hope that more do. We will face persecution, until the second coming of Christ. Father, please look over our nation as we flounder in direct denial of the word that is in the Holy Bible, and I pray that you will have mercy on the souls of all Christians that are still standing with you. Amen.


Rob McEwen said...


I just wanted to say that I do think you got unfairly ganged up on over there and I think that you meant well.

However... and I hope you take this the right way... but I think you made some "tactical mistakes" by applying labels (Episcopal, catholic, etc) and by speaking towards those labels in a terms which were probably over-generalizations.

There was much truth in what you had to said, but... at the same time, many people in "good" Christian churches are going to be in hell and many people in "pretender" denominations are going to be in heaven... and not all churches within a denomination are the same or equal.

Therefore, you have to be careful about over-generalizing and just let the Bible and the facts speak for themselves so that the others in the debate are then forced to take an "if the shoe fits, wear it" response.

Already, people take accusatory statements about their religion or denomination VERY personally... so, altogether, there was much too much anger and defensiveness all around in that debate to accomplish much.

I think you'll be much more effective the next time if you try to keep your goals focused, try to avoid labels, add in an **extra** measure of humility, and then let the gospel and the facts speak for themselves.

Along these lines, it is also good to "pick and choose battles", even if this means letting some false or unwise statements go unanswered... it is better to win someone over on one or two points than to try to cover so much that nothing gets accomplished. This happened to me on another Peach Pundit post where Creationism/Evolution came up briefly and I had to basically say, "I'd love to debate that one too, but lets save that or another topically relevant thread."

If you follow all of this advise, then if someone doesn't agree with you, they'll have to deal with the issues directly rather than treating YOU as the issue. This will also force others to either have to agree with the Bible or disagree. (Isn't that what you wanted?)

I know you'll then be much happier because you could then walk away and truly believe that the Gospel was on trial, not YOU!

I should also add that while I didn't particularly care for or agree with your approach, I found some of their responses to be rather revealing of an anti-evangelical bias which was rather mean spirited. So, I'd therefore have to agree with much of this blog post on your web site. I challenged them on this, but haven't seen any kind of response.

BTW - If you happen to stumble upon anything over at Peach Pundit which you feel is anti-evangelical Christian... or anything having to do with things like Evolution/Creationism, the Bible... etc... send me an e-mail and I'll see if it might be something that I might want to comment on. Not that I'd necessarily say what you'd want me to say, but at least you'd feel good about knowing that at least one bible-believing evangelical Christian got their 2 cents in.

Rob McEwen

Rob McEwen said...

Oh, BTW, I asked Will Hinton some good, tough, and probing questions. Most of these went unanswered. What little he did answer was very pathetic... and he ignored follow questions seeking clarity.

On this basis, I have a strong suspicion that he is not exactly what he claims to be. Perhaps something is lurking in the background there which isn't what it seems?

His Christian Right pedigree sounds impressive, but I have yet to read an opinion from him which would proclaim to an average Christian Conservative, "yes! He is one of us!". And I find that to be very suspicious. Also, I have a feeling that he did not **want** to answer my tough questions.

(Or maybe I'm all wrong on this and they were simply too busy attacking you? Who knows!)

Rob McEwen

BEEBEE said...

Dear Rob,

In case you come back to my posts, thank you for writing to me. If you want to check out Emanuel Baptist Church on the website in Swansboro, NC, Dr. Wakefield is the pastor for 29 years, it is not the best of websites, but you will see a line that says "we do not apologize for our belief in the word." This may not be exact quote. I am hear at my office very early on a Saturday morning preparing for a class that starts at 8 and goes to 4 this afternoon that I teach. It will be a long day, and I do not have time to look up the web address, but if you are good with Google you can find it.

This is the most amazing church that I have ever visited! My son just out of the Marines was still working in the Jacksonville, NC area this past January. He told me about this church that he was attending, and said "Mom-ma the Lord is in this church." Well, I decided to go there for Mark's birthday in January, and we attended his church on Wednesday night service. Pastor Wakefield gave such a sermon that was only possible because the congregation was so spiritual, and went foward (those that wanted to), and prayed at the altar with the Pastor before the service began. All were praying outloud but very humbly. It was like the Bible talks about praying in tongues only when all understand, and they were praying in English. It was if angels were praying, and it was absolutely overpowering, and I always doubted that part of the scriptures because of going to a Holy Roller church once when I was young.

Then when the Pastor begin to preach, it was as if he went to scriptures in his sermon that my mind was thinking about. After the preaching, I sat there thinking no I do not want this to end! I am telling you that I am 51 and the Lord was in that church, and of all the churches that I have ever attended I never had this experience before. I looked at my 27 year old son, and I said Mark this is so powerful, and with tears in his eyes, he said "what did I tell you on the phone."

Of course, I had sat at my son's house that day and could not work his television (well did not know the channels he had in NC and he had a computer hooked to it and I did not want to get anything out of whack), so I read my Bible that I had brought with me. I actually read nearly all of the Gospels that day. I was probably the most prepared that I had ever been for church. So this is in tune to the statement that I made in regard to coming to church prepared.

Well again, thank you for your comment. I need to get over to MSC, and I pray that my computer equipment works for my class. I have to teach two sections of Governmental Accounting review for CPA review classes, and it is pretty comprehensive.

Thank you for your suggestions. Erick over at Peachstate is a wonderful person, and I harbor no hard feelings toward him. The rest of the people I do not know, and they are very young and more or less lost in their own individuality and purpose in life. They think that they know everything, but hey I was once younger, too!

We are moving in a secular direction in the United States and the world, and it won't be long before our entire USA is balkanized. We will see so much suffering, crime and turmoil as our states break apart. It is not a matter of if but when. And it is sooner than I want to think.

God bless you!~ and thank you!