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16] But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel;[17] And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God,I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:[18] And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy: Acts 2:16-18 kjv

By Beebee aka Linda: As I have been defending Envangelical Christianity lately, I got to feeling that perhaps I was engaging in hypocrisy of the scriptures, by speaking out as a woman. I found the above scriptures that made me feel much more secure in my writing about my feelings of what the Holy Bible says to me. When I defend that the Holy Bible is clearly against homosexuality, then there are those that would accuse me of judging others, which of course is a sin. My answer is that I am not judging anyone, I am just saying that false doctrine is being preached by those churches that provide excuses to disobey the the divine will of the Lord. I lead people to read the scriptures. I found something interesting online about how to minister to homosexuals, but have forgotten the source and please forgive me for using someone else's work: the article talked about that it would be wrong to tell the person that they should give up their life style and find a member of the opposite sex to marry and have children. Instead, the article advised that the person should pray and seek God's help in abstaining from the homosexual practices, altogether and be content with living as a single person. This is a sound approach, in my opinion, for someone that sincerely wants to become a Christian and follow the Lord's will.

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JACOB STURM VON STURMECK (1489-1553), German statesman and reformer, was born at Strassburg, where his father, Martin Sturm-, was a person of some importance, on the loth of August 1489. He was educated at the universities of Heidelberg and Freiburg, and about 1517 he entered the service of Henry, provost of Strassburg (d. 1552), a member of the Wittelsbach family. He soon became an adherent of the reformed doctrines, and leaving the service of the provost became a me,mber of the governing body of his native city in 1524. He was responsible for the policy of Strassburg during the Peasants' War; represented the city at the Diet of Spires in 1526; and at subsequent Diets gained fame by his ardent championship of its interests. As an advocate of union among the Protestants he took part in the conference at Marburg in 1529; but when the attempts to close the breach between Lutherans and Zwinglians failed, he presented the Confessio tetrapolitana, a Zwinglian document, to the Augsburg Diet of 1530. As the representative of Strassburg Sturm signed the " protest " which was presented to the Diet of Spires in 1529, being thus one of the original Protestants." He was on friendly terms with Philip, landgrave of Hesse. Owing largely to his influence Strassburg joined the league of Schmalkalden in 1531. The troops of Strassburg took the field when the league attacked Charles V. in 1546; but in February 1547 the citizens were compelled to submit, when Sturm succeeded in securing very favourable terms from the emperor. He was also able to obtain for his native city some modification of the Interim issued from Augsburg in May 1548. Sturm is said to have been in the pay of Francis I. of France, but this seems very unlikely. He founded the Bibliothek and a gymnasium in Strassburg, where he died on the 30th of October 1553.
See H. Baumgarten, Jakob Sturm (Strassburg, 1876) A. Baum, Magistrat and Reformation in Strassburg bis 1529 (Strassburg, 1887); J. Rathgeber, Strassburg im 16 Jahrhundert (Stuttgart, 1871); O. Winckelmann, " Jakob Sturm," in the Allgemeine deutsche Biographie, Bd. xxxvii. (Leipzig, 1894); and Johannes Sturm, Consolatio ad senatum argentinensem de morte ... Jacobi Sturmii (Strassburg, 1553).
Julius Sturm

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If you have been a President Reagan Conservative for a long time, and in my case actually felt bad for President Nixon when watching the Watergate Trials, you must feel abandoned right now with how are party seems to have abandoned every principle that we once believed in. It is no longer cool to be an evangelical Christian in the moderate party of today, and in fact the moderates are actually embracing people that would go on, and as one person said on yesterday, "just because you may think of the organization as evil does not mean everyone that participates are evil." May not be exact quote, but close enought to scare the hell out of me.

We now have people trying to reach out to those in the Republican Party in a new form of cumbi aye my lord, we love you as a Christian whether or not you follow the word of the Lord (notice one Lord is capitalized) because those old scriptures that say a man shall not lay with a man are archaic and transcribers didn't get it right. I was once again voted off the "island" of this free speech blog because I dared to defend the evangelic Christian view of the world as through the living word of the Holy Bible. A politicain named Will Hinton or one thinking of running in Georgia, wants to bridge the gap and offer a more softer form of religion in the Republican Party, one of love and truth and I suppose his brand of tolerance. So, we that think that homosexuality is a sin, and we that think that abortion is murder are nut cakes. We are bigots, mind you! The Republican Party would not be where it is today without Christians, and the Party is now gambling if PeachPundit is any indication of the direction of the party that it is ok to shun evangelicals to gain the votes of those in the middle.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I will not back down if someone specifically brings my name up in a lead post, and then goes on to say why I am of a small vocal minority that has it all wrong, that Christians are not under attack. Oh yes, it is all a figment of our imagination, and we are all living in a dual world where nothing is as it seems. We do not have sex bills taking place in California that I have called in to the Governor's line in CA and voted no to urge him to veto a bill that will indoctrinate children from Kindergarten forward to practice tolerance for any form of sexuality. We have a Christian choir that traveled to Michigan to perform in a public school called "Heavenly Gates Choir", I believe that is the name of the diverse choir from all over the world. Now mind you, this choir was told that they could not perform any sacred music! Unbelievable, right?

What is taking place on these political blogs is that they are infiltrated with liberal Catholics; Jews that despise Chrisitans that actually practice Christianity; Episcapalians (sp?) that take offense if it is mentioned that their church is split over the gay issue that would allow gay heads of churches; and anyone else that is running for office that absolutely has to be pc in order to garner all of the votes he/she can. All of these people are the ones that are taking the time to blog because most evangelical Christians are busy doing the Lord's work outside of the Internet, and actually the really serious evangelicals are over 50 and few know what a blog is. So when someone such as myself, evangelical Christian since 1965 and actually thought everyone was what I was when I was 11 and baptized, I get bombarded with people coming at me with leading slurs to get me to come back at them because they know that I will debate until the cows come home. And then bold comments are made that I am a bigot, that I should be banned from commenting and that they don't want to talk to me again. Now one poster, spaceyG, had her name highlighted, which means you can click the name and go to that person's blog. Now, she was clearly what would be called a troll, as she came in a few times said something outrageous and no more posts. Well I clicked on her name, and she was the most foul mouthed woman that I had ever read, the posts were filled with the F bomb and just downright filthy talk. And then a girl named mercergirl came in and called me a "self-righteous Bitch." All of these comments took place yesterday or Tuesday. Now mind you, if you bother to go to and look for the post about this religion topic that leads off talking about "Linda," you will see my comments. Now, I am not tame by any means, but I do call people out on not following the Bible and quote a few scriptures and criticize the lottery in Georgia, SPLOSTS and Governor Perdue's shameful tax loop hole or special law for a tax deferral to be retroactive to the prior year. I do go on in and post about 60% of the comments, but I was the scapegoat for the entire post!

Ok, I use no cussing of any sort, but I have told you about the other people above. Now one person was voted off Peach Pundit yesterday by the adminstrators, was it the person who called me a Bitch? No! Was it the person who has a link that takes you to the F bomb articles and everything else fowl under the sun? No! Oh there were some other hateful comments against me, but if you want to read it, you can look at the blog. Walla, it was none other than me, Linda, the only evangelical Christian posting on the blog that was denied further posting prililedges. Well, there was a poster that was evangelical Christian that did write some pretty good debates , that yes Christians are being persecuted in the United States. It is my hopes, that other Chrisitians open their eyes to what is happening today in the Georgia GOP and in the National GOP, and most especially what is happening in the entire United States. We are on the path that is put forth in Revelation, I see it and I hope that more do. We will face persecution, until the second coming of Christ. Father, please look over our nation as we flounder in direct denial of the word that is in the Holy Bible, and I pray that you will have mercy on the souls of all Christians that are still standing with you. Amen.


Pope's remarks on Jews risk ire
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John Hooper, RomeSeptember 19, 2006
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FULL TRANSCRIPT Pope Benedict's speech
YOUR SAY Cardinal blunder
HAVING just stirred up a global storm by quoting from a text fiercely critical of Islam, it might have been expected that Pope Benedict would avoid anything alluding to another religion that could be open to misinterpretation.
Yet minutes after saying he was "deeply sorry" about the reaction to his earlier remarks, he cited a passage from the New Testament highlighting the gulf between Christian and Jewish attitudes to Jesus' crucifixion.
The pontiff appeared to risk causing fresh controversy during his speech on Sunday when he cited a passage from St Paul that risked being interpreted as hostile — not by Muslims, but by Jews. It described the crucifixion of Jesus as a "scandal for the Jews".
He said he wanted to comment on two recent Roman Catholic festivals relating to the crucifixion. What, the Pope asked, was the point of exalting the cross, a tool of execution?
In reply to his rhetorical question, he quoted a verse from St Paul, the New Testament author most often accused of anti-Semitism. In the Italian translation, used by the Pope, it runs as follows: "We preach the crucified Christ — a scandal for the Jews, a folly for the pagans."
Jewish representatives expressed surprise at the latest incursion into sensitive territory. One said: "It does seem strange to come up with that particular quote at this particular time."
Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, member of the Council of Christians and Jews, which was set up to oppose prejudice, said: "He's really talking about veneration, not about the Jews. We can't alter the sayings of the past. But we can be careful about how we use them, especially in view of the religious offence that can be taken, even if never intended."

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I cannot imagine my life without Jesus in it, and I am in a state of bewilderment when I realize that so many people seem to push holiness aside for short-term gains in a material world. We listen to people in the media to get our information about the war in Iraq, and even people like Bill O'Reilly that says "the spin stops here" turns his nose up at the Pope when the head of the Catholic Church says that the war is unjust, and the Pope also spoke out against the bombing of Lebanon by Israel. Even thought the spin mister is a Catholic, he thinks he knows better than his Pope!

In every area of government, we have politicians that are in office because of one thing which is power. Power over legislation that garners more power to keep the politicians in a circle with the well connected, and enough money to have influence is what drives our political leaders. The cheerleaders for the two main parties overlook any corruption because both sides are equally corrupt, and all that matters today is whether or not we are on the winning team. I had a conversation a while back with an owner of a local sign company, when I had to have my sign rebuilt. We were discussing the end of times, and this business man is a Jehovah's Witness and I learned that they do not participate in politics. I learned that the Witnesses believe that politics is not of God, at all and it is best to stay disconnected. I can honestly say that they are most certainly correct.

There seem to be a few people that try to live by their religion as political leaders. But as soon as politicians become involved with lobbyist who are the rich and powerful with desires to influence legislation that brings more wealth their way is when religious faith takes a back burner to things that are not of God. After my eyes have been opened to this truth, I now realize that it makes little difference as to what party gets elected into office. The majority of people will go on living thinking that there is a diffence in the parties and listen to the definitions of liberal and conservative and tie them to the Democrats and the Republicans, respectively. We are a divided Country, and we are like a divided house that the Bible decribes through Jesus' words, when he says "a divided house will fall."

We are all guilty of putting up treasure for security, and the real security that we need to embrace is that which was given to us for free. I will try harder to realize that the only thing that really matters in the end is that the acceptance of Jesus as my Lord and Savior will be the only treasure that will last forever. Amen.

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The famous Declaration of Independence was available to the public in a printed German translation before it was released in English. It was a one-page broadside print published by Steiner and Cist of Philadelphia. Large numbers of Germans lived in the Pennsylvania area. Look at a picture of the Declaration of Independence in German! (size: 161K)


The following info is based on Pioneers of Old Monocacy, Early Settlements of Frederick County MD 1721-43 by Grace L. Tracey and John P. Dern.
Johann Jacob Sturm (b 1701) and sister Maria Barbara Brunner (b 1702) were two of 12 children of Christian Sturm & his second wife Anna Barbara Gah, all natives of Klein Schifferstadt. The Sturm family could trace its history there back to at least 1470. The family is still there, and its current town history was written by a Sturm.
Both were married in Germany, he about 1726 to Anna Benedictina Saur, she on Nov 25, 1725 to Johann Jacob Brunner. The two couples along with two children each, born in K. Schifferstadt emigrated together in 1728, arriving in Philadelphia aboard the Mortonhouse on Aug 23 {"Pennsylvania German Pioneers by Ralph B. Strassburger lists the ship arrival twice; once also on 15 Jun 1728}. The following year, the balance of the Brunner family and others from K. Schifferstadt arrived.
Jacob Storm (as his name changed), spent over 10 yrs in PA. The Lancaster Reformed Churck book records the baptisms in 1739 and 1740 of his 8th (Christina) and 9th (Johann Peter) children. On 9 Jan 1742, the marriage of Jacob Storm and Maria Saurin were recorded, probably at Earl Town. Jacob Storm was naturalized (recorded as Jacob Stern) on 19 Oct 1743. He bought land called "Indian Field" on "Tasker's Chance" on July 28, 1746. The deed mentions a road passing thru, which was apparently on the west side of the Monocacy River, between it and the extension of Market St.
Jacob Storm was one of the initial elders of the Frederick Reformed Church. His name appears as a signatory on the 1748 appeal to Paster Michael Schlatter for help to strengthen the congregation against the Dunkers. He died at 57, leaving his sons Vandel (Wendel), Jacob the Younger, John, Peter, and his daughters Susanna (wife of Martin Cuntz), Anna Maria (wife of Peter Brunner), Anna Elizabeth (wife of Adam Kyle), Maria Barbara (wife of Jacob Turner), Christina, Mary, Catherina, Charlotta, and a second Anna Maria. In accordance with his will, "Indian Fields" was sold to Peter Tofeler, who had married Anna Maria Sturm on 17 Apr 1757.

By BeeBee: I went to school with a girl by the name of Brunner, and never knew that we were related. The Brunners and the Sturms migrated to Canaan, Indiana. The surname became Storm for those that lived in Indiana. My ancestors in Germany were instrumental in the reformation movement, which makes me proud indeed to know that our roots in Christianity go so far back. I have thanked the Hart Family in Pennsylvania for their extensive geneology work, and feel so fortunate to have found this link that traces my family back to the ship Mortonhouse. Finding this geneology link is priceless, indeed.

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August 25, 2006
Will America Survive To 2050?
Patrick J. Buchanan
"In 376 a large band of Gothic refugees arrived at the Empire's Danube frontier, asking for asylum. In a complete break with established Roman policy, they were allowed in, unsubdued. They revolted, and within two years had defeated and killed the emperor Valens—the one who had received them—along with two-thirds of his army, at the battle of Hadrianople."
So writes Oxford's Peter Heather in Fall of the Roman Empire: A New History of Rome and the Barbarians, who is convinced that Valens' welcoming of the Goths was the decision that sealed the fate of the empire.
As recent headlines tell us of 5 million more immigrants having arrived in America in the last five years, we see now, no longer as through a glass darkly, how America ends.
There are 36 million immigrants here, a number almost equal to all who ever came from Jamestown in 1607 to JFK. We are host to more illegal aliens, 12 million, than all the Jews, English and Irish who came over 400 years.
In George W. Bush's tenure, 6 million intruders have been caught on our southern border breaking in. One in 12 had a criminal record. Behind them, waiting to see if Bush will grant amnesty or secure the border, are the world's 4 billion to 5 billion people whose average income is less than that of Mexico.
Last year, 155,000 OTMs ("other than Mexicans"), triple the number of 2003, from Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, were caught. Four of five never appeared in court. They vanished into our midst.
These numbers are astronomical by any historical standard, and the mindset of many newcomers is not that of the Ellis Island generation. On May 1, almost a million Hispanics marched under Mexican flags through Los Angeles to demand the rights of U.S. citizenship for all illegals. Aerial shots revealed huge signs reading, "This is Our Land" and "Chicano Power." In Mexico City, PAN party members marched beside communists and Subcommandante Marcos in solidarity with their kinsmen in America.
"With all due respect to Uncle Sam," declaimed one Mexican TV reporter, "this shows that Los Angeles has never stopped being ours."
Added the respected Mexican pundit Sergio Sarmiento, if Mexicans "have begun the reconquista of the territory that the United States took by force from Mexico between 1835 and 1848, they have been able to do this thanks to the fact that the Americans themselves have permitted it." [ Los migrantes, El Siglo de Torreon March 29th, 2006, translation by Allan Wall.]
And so we have. In 1994, Californians sought to slow the invasion with Proposition 187, restricting welfare to U.S. citizens and legal aliens. After 187 won in a landslide, a federal judge threw it out. "Art" Torres, chairman of the California Democratic Party, exulted, "187 was the last gasp of white America in California."
So it appears to have been.
In the '90s decade, for the first time since the Spanish arrived, the white population of California fell. Native-born Californians are heading over the mountains back to the lands whence their ancestors came. By ethnic origin, California and Texas are already Third World states. Hispanics alone account for 25 percent of the population of Arizona, 34 percent of California and Texas, 43 percent of New Mexico and growing shares of the population of Nevada, Colorado and Utah, all states carved out of Mexico.
Moreover, ethnic chauvinism is rampant in the barrios. As in the movements of Evo Morales in Bolivia and Ollanta Humala in Peru, barrio talk in America is increasingly about "indigenous peoples" and "European occupiers." A black-brown war has broken out among the underclass in Los Angeles. Three in five Mexicans now believe the Southwest is stolen land that belongs to Mexico.
By 2050, the Census Bureau estimates 102 million Hispanics will live in America, heavily concentrated in the Southwest. The ethnic, linguistic and cultural reconquest of the American Southwest by Mexico is well advanced.
As I write in my new book, State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America, George Bush may go down in history as the man who not only lost the magnificent lands won for America by James Polk, but, by refusing to do his duty and halt this invasion, ensured the Balkanization and dissolution of his country.
Not to worry, we are told. The Melting Pot will work its magic. In a generation, the scores of millions who have come here will be assimilated and Americanized, as were the millions who came to Ellis Island.
The hope is delusional. The Melting Pot is broken. Our elites want it smashed forever. They no longer believe in assimilation—they worship at the altar of diversity. And millions of aliens are adamant about retaining their own language, culture, identity and allegiance to the mother country, not the United States.
The "hyphenated-Americanism" Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson decried is today celebrated. On California's campuses there are separate dorms, fraternities, sororities, student centers and graduations for Asian, Hispanic and black students. The tens of millions coming endlessly from countries, cultures and civilizations whose peoples have never before been assimilated into a First World nation may spell the end of America as one nation and one people by mid-century. Why are we taking this risk?
Patrick J. Buchanan needs no introduction to VDARE.COM readers; his new book State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America, can be ordered from


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PRESSRELEASE would like to inform members, users, and media about our view on todays news concerning the alleged gunman in a Montreal college shooting.
We would like to state that does not support this kind of action! We feel great sympathy on behalf of the victims and relatives in this awful happening.
Due to the Montreal Police investigation of the gunman our pages are down. will be up and running as soon as circumstances concerning this brutal action is solved.

BY BEEBEE: I copied and pasted the writing above from Do you see the times of those that glorify the hate of Satan, and criticize the Christians for being the bad people of the world? If interested, I have some posts on this blog about a gothic church in New York, that was transferred into a house of sin. I have a photo of the gothic teenager that shot and killed the famous lawyer's wife last fall. I cannot remember the name. It should be in October 2005 archives are thereabouts. At one time the western hemisphere was the land of Christianity, and we have gone more and more toward the time when we will have the anti-christ rise up to run for President. I recently read "The End of the Age" by Pat Robertson. Although, I do not agree with everything Pat Robinson ascribes to, I have to admit the book is an eye opener.

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Rocky Mountain News,1299,DRMN_15_4980404,00.htmlAriz. race splits GOP, Tancredo
By M.E. Sprengelmeyer, Rocky Mountain NewsSeptember 9, 2006
WASHINGTON - An Arizona congressional race has sparked a rift between Rep. Tom Tancredo and the Colorado Republican Party.
Tancredo, a Littleton Republican, is backing a fellow, hard-line opponent of illegal immigration, Randy Graf, in Tuesday's GOP primary in an open-seat race.
Much of the national Republican establishment has lined up behind another candidate, Steve Huffman. This week, the Colorado Republican Committee sent Huffman a $5,000 contribution, Federal Election Commission records show.
The Colorado contribution angers Tancredo, who has used his profile on immigration to boost state Republicans recently.
"He's definitely not happy about it," spokesman Carlos Espinosa said Friday. "He wants to talk to them, figure out what's going on. This money should be more of a priority for state candidates."
The Team America PAC, founded by Tancredo and run by Bay Buchanan, has been actively campaigning for Graf.
In a message to supporters Friday, Buchanan denounced national Republicans for spending $150,000 on ads for Huffman, and the Colorado and New Mexico Republican parties for making $5,000 contributions.
"They're working overtime to beat a Tancredo/Team America candidate," Buchanan wrote.
Hans Gullickson, executive director of the Colorado Republican Party, defended the contribution, calling Huffman "clearly the most electable Republican in a district that is key to keeping a Republican majority."
Copyright 2006, Rocky Mountain News. All Rights Reserved.


Editorial Reviews
From Publishers WeeklyOrganizing jokes by all the crucial categories-women, men, mothers, grandmothers, and rabbis-this book, as Billy Crystal puts it in his foreword, is "a big, bubbling pot of borscht." King, currently starring as MGM's big boss in the off-broadway production Mr. Goldwyn, casts new and familiar material in his own mold; as one of the "Rules for Jewish Living" notes: "a good kugel sinks in mercury." While he parses the differences between "Traditional vs. Reform Observance" or listing the "Top Ten Reasons Why God Created Eve" ("7. God knew Adam would never make a doctor's appointment for himself"), King's forte is storytelling and caricature, which he does with gusto, and strong build-ups to punchlines that don't overplay their hands. While some may object to the appearance of the word 'goyim' in the text, King's intention is to warmly entertain in old school Catskills style, and in that he succeeds terrifically. As another of the "Rules" asks: "And what's wrong with dry turkey?"Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc. Book Description“Jesus saves. Moses invests.” “Why spoil a good meal with a big tip?” “What did the Jewish mother ask her daughter when the daughter told her she had had an affair?—‘Who catered it?’ ”“I’ve probably heard—and told—some of the jokes in this book a thousand times; more than a few are older than I am. Others were actually new to me. But I can’t think of a good Jewish joke that isn’t in this collection. Enjoy!” —Alan KingThe undisputed heavyweight champion of Jewish humor livens up the pages with a rich and comprehensive treasury of the all-time best Jewish jokes.From the Polish shtetls to vaudeville and the Catskills to modern Hollywood and comedy clubs across the country, Jewish humor hasn’t just survived, it has become universally loved and often recited—by Jews and non-Jews alike.And who better to compile the best of Jewish humor than Alan King, the consummate comedian who has torn up every venue from the Friar’s Club and Broadway to Comedy Central? In Alan King’s Great Jewish Joke Book, King gathers old standards and hilarious new material, great one-liners and drop-dead funny stories, and packs them into a laugh-(or sometimes a groan-) out-loud celebration of the Jewish funny bone.So why is this book like chicken soup? Because it doesn’t cure anything, but it sure can make you feel better! Or your money back, guaranteed. (Just kidding.) See all
Editorial Reviews

BY BEEBEE: As a student in school, I was many times ashamed that I had blonde hair because there were so many blonde jokes. You see Hitler's Aryans were blondes with blue eyes like me and my family that have roots in the Bavarian area of Germany. The Jews detest the Germans and the Poles, and why do we give them a pass to freely hurt so many people. I even wore a black wig that belonged to my step-mother to school one day, to see if having dark hair would give me more attention. I was the top student in every class that I had, but students still told the stupid blonde jokes in front of me. It was as if they could not see that the majority of the students in the classroom had light colored hair and blue eyes! Children were just mocking what they heard and saw on all of the Jewish controlled sitcoms that were popular in the past, and they are still popular because most of the comedians that make it in Hollywood are of course, Jewish. How many other people are there out there that have been scarred as children by cruel Jewish humor? And who is standing up for our rights? Check out the Political Vine, as the Jewish owner of the blog, Bill Simon, has all of the Jews that have won the Nobel Peace Prize. Well duh, the group that controls the awarding of the Peace Prize and the group that controls the media makes sure that their own is selected. If you think this is an outrageous claim that I am making, prove it! I wonder if Bill is proud that the Jews actually do hurt other people's feelings and trample on the rights of many?


Jewish Supremacists Lose Case Against Polish Radio Report; Posted on: 2006-09-07 23:06:10 Freedom of opinion triumphs as government drops charges Polish prosecutors have dropped a case filed by Jewish extremists against the Polish radio station Radio Maryja. The Jews who brought the case are unhappy with the station's independent-minded commentary on Jewish conduct. In April 2006, Stanislaw Michalkiewicz, a regular commentator on Radio Maryja, a Catholic radio station with a large national audience, scorned the expropriation of Polish property that Jews are demanding from the Poles as "compensation" for having being punished for their crimes during WWII. Michalkiewicz declared in a broadcast that "Jews have humiliated Poland internationally by demanding money." The anchor noticed that "Kikes sneak up behind us to try to oblige our government to pay them money on the pretext of these demands." Abraham Foxman, leader of the US-based Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL), was incensed at the government's dismissal of the case."For the prosecutor to say that Michalkiewicz's obscene and hateful speech 'must not be seen as a premeditated, offensive or insulting action' is disgraceful," he said. Foxman described Radio Maryja as a major factor behind what he called anti-Semitism among the Poles. Not content with Warsaw's decision, he said he intends to step up his campaign against the radio station with an appeal to the European Union. The Anti-Defamation League, of which Foxman is president, is a Jewish supremacist group devoted to suppressing all criticism of Jews, regardless of whether or not such criticism may be justified. The Poles have indeed shown a fearless independence in their attitude toward Jewish behavior since they effectively regained their independence following the Soviet Union's collapse. Polish public opinion is not always favorable to Jews, prompting demands for suppression from Jewish spokesmen like Foxman. Polish authorities have stood their ground, however, refusing to let non-Poles dictate what Poles shall be permitted to think or say.
Source: correspondents • Printed from National Vanguard( ) National Vanguard • Box 5145 • Charlottesville • VA 22905 •

By BeeBee: Some may wonder if I am a racist or a bigot or an anti-semite. My answer is absolutely not! Look at the cases involving the ADL against people and countries, and then see if you can honestly determine who the real bigots and supremacists are. The people that live in the United States are so caught up in materialism and self-interest that they fall for anything, and this trap of allowing our nation to become ruled by an invisible iron curtain is frightening. Wake up or face the consequences that future generations will hate us for our ignorance, and for selling out freedom in the United States!

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Isn't that what the whole immigration issue is about?

Business doesn't want to pay a decent wage Consumers don't want expensive produce Government will tell you Americans don't want the jobs But the bottom line is cheap labor.

The phrase "cheap labor" is a myth, a farce, a oxymoron. There is no such thing as "cheap labor."

Take, for example, an illegal alien with a wife and five children. He takes a job for $5.00 or $6.00/hour.

At that wage, with six dependents, he pays no income tax, yet at the end of the year, if he files an Income Tax Return, he gets an "earned income credit" of up to $3,200 free.
He qualifies for Section 8 housing and subsidized rent He qualifies for food stamps He qualifies for free (no deductible, no co-pay) health care His children get free breakfasts and lunches at school He requires bilingual teachers and books He qualifies for relief from high energy bills If they are or become, aged, blind or disabled, they qualify for SSI Once qualified for SSI they can qualify for Medicare All of this is at the taxpayer's expense. He doesn't worry about car insurance, life insurance, or homeowners insurance. Taxpayers provide Spanish language signs, bulletins and printed material. He and his family receive the equivalent of $20.00 to $30.00/hour in benefits. Working Americans are lucky to have $5.00 or $6.00/hour left after paying their bills and his. The American taxpayer's also pay for increased crime, graffiti and trash clean up. Cheap labor? YEAH RIGHT! Wake up people!

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Some of the bloggers may have missed this guy of Katrina fame, he is the guy who looted Heinekin Beer in the aftermath of the hurricane. It is rumored that this movie will feature Sonny Perdue and Mark Taylor, and Mr. Looter who will point out that he was not the real culprit of 2005. The movie will have hillarious scenes involving land deals, tax loop holes and land lease scams and Mr. Looter will blame the media for focusing too much on Heinekin Beer looters to divert attention away from the real crooks. The movie will be a real hoot, and it is rumored that the funniest line will be when Lootsie gets caught with a truck load of Heinekin Beer that he will say "Sonny and Taylor did it!"

The new GOP Platform is your guy is a bigger crook than my guy! So blah, blah, blah! We have our eyes closed and our ears are covered to the mud slinging from the Democrats, as it is clear that no one understands the tax code because the Democrats wrote it! LOL
(We are in a sad state in this sad State!)

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." -John 14:6

Sunday, September 03, 2006


The Drunken Truth Report;
Posted on: 2006-09-02 16:37:38
He uttered words that expressed what every human already knows and deep-down believes: “Israel is behind all wars.” By Nidal Sakr Once upon a time, a man sat helpless, watching the news, reading papers, tuning his car radio to what was going on in his world. As millions of others, he witnessed carnage where scores of families, children and women, were blasted in both darkness of the night and light of the day. The massacre was perpetrated by none other than the brand-name of savagery for the last seventy-some years, so-called “Israel.” The images of what brutality does to children and women could not escape his mind. The fact that the savagery he could not comprehend was sponsored and effectively carried out by the very country in which he lives and to which he pays millions of his hard earned dollars weighed heavily on his conscience. As reality continued to mount on his shoulders, he saw no other way but to escape. He did what most others in his culture, from presidents and rich to homeless and poor, would do. He allegedly drank to drunkenness. In a moment of truth, he allegedly spoke his troubled conscience. He uttered words that expressed what every human already knows and deep-down believes: “Israel is behind all wars.” He might have mistaken Jews for Israel, but as so-called “Israel” claims to represent all Jews, one can understand the confusion. As his country is dominated by a blatant political ideology that sees no room for conscience or humanity, the poor man became his country’s dart board for speaking out. Full article


Saturday, September 02, 2006


Main Entry: de·moc·ra·cy Pronunciation: di-'mä-kr&-sEFunction: nounInflected Form(s): plural -ciesEtymology: Middle French democratie, from Late Latin democratia, from Greek dEmokratia, from dEmos + -kratia -cracy
1 a : government by the people; especially : rule of the majority
b : a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections
2 : a political unit that has a democratic government
3 capitalized : the principles and policies of the Democratic party in the United States
4 : the common people especially when constituting the source of political authority
5 : the absence of hereditary or arbitrary class distinctions or privileges

By BeeBee: Starting with the first definition, a Democracy is rule by the majority and by the people. Now, I pose the question do we really have a Democracy as this definition describes? Recently, we had Ray McBerry right here in Georgia, a lifelong Republican, who put up nearly $4,000 to run in the Republican Primary against the incumbent Republican Governor of Georgia, Sonny Perdue. Ray McBerry was left out of newspapers, rarely discussed on talk radio and ignored by television reporters. There were some 40,000 people that voted for Ray McBerry, but he was also left off of the State GOP website. Now, in a true Democracy, does it stand to reason that challengers to incumbents should never be suppressed and that the media should embrace anyone that wants to go before the people in an election? If you answered yes to this question then you can surely see that no we do not really have a Democracy at all. And in fact, our United States was never designed to be a Democracy. Our forefathers framed our Constitution as a Republic!

The above also throws water on the second definition that says that a Democracy has its supreme power vested in the people. If groups of people, such as the GOP may leave a fellow Republican off the GOP website, then the majority of the population is excluded from the political process. The main stream media relies on advertising dollars from candidates to advertise, but it is also evident that many politicians are given special preferences by the left leaning press. For instance, WMAZ and the Macon Telegraph give US Representative Jim Marshall ample coverage that shows him in a good light. Jim Marshall (D) is being challenged this November by Republican Mac Collins. Even though Mac Collins has served for years in the US House of Representative, and stepped down for an unsuccessful run for Senator in 2004, the media gives him no free coverage whatsoever in the Macon area. You can pretty much take this statement to the bank that if the situation were reversed and Marshall were the odd man out, that he would still get ample coverage at no cost by the liberal Macon Telegraph. Now, I ask again is this a Democracy?

Now, I will skip down to definition number 4: The common people cannot define what a Democracy is if all of the above have been proved to be false. Now, sure the common people can go cast a ballot between a couple of candidates on election day. But, as you can see if the media and groups of people have narrowed down the choices to only two or three choices, then is it common people or the well-connected and eltitists who decide who will be elected?

So, the next time you hear that we are the spreaders of Democracy around the world to all of the so-called suppressed peoples in various countries, ask yourself will they be better off after we force our form of limited government on them with bombs? Or would peace actually be the better choice?