Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Just like students in school need to be taught the three R's in education, Citizens in America need to learn how to apply the three C's for living in the United States. These three C's are Christian, Conservative and Compassion for our Country's survival in my opinion. That is the problem with many in the Republican party who have gained control and power for over a decade by using the Christian majority to get that power. You cannot be conservate and compassionate if you turn your back on Christ. President Lincoln knew that, President Reagan knew that and President George W. Bush knows that America needs Christ to be the guiding light.

I was listening to a sermon given at Mable White Baptist Church, and the minister was right on about his controversial preaching about self, and taking a baseball bat to the mirror to look beyond self. This was the beginning of the minister's sermon on looking beyond self to realize that you need Christ to guide you in life. I am looking forward to the rest of this controversial series of sermons to see how close that I can get to shattering the mirror myself with a baseball bat.

This is what it means to be self-righteous according to the Sermon on the Mount. Self is nothing, and one has got to be righteous in order to reach the Kingdom of Heaven. Oh it is so hard to break down that mind set because we live in a me only world, a get it while the getting's good world. I am just as guilty of focusing on me, as the next person because I am not without sin.

The Democrats need to get in line and get some three C's in their platform, too. But most especially, the Republican party absolutely must take the lead to get all of America on the right track. Grass roots is a misnomer because you cannot grow grass from the top down, and we need real grass roots from the bottom up without talking points. The Democrats have the game to a science much like a basketball game, and they are the masters at the full court press. At present, we have an Atheist movement being pushed in the media through the guise of Evolution vs. Intelligent Design, and the Republicans as usual are not focusing on it because the talking points have not trickled down from the power brokers. And the talking points will not come until the ballgame is in final overtime and everyone gets in a panic.

The New World Order absolutely must abolish Christianity in the United States in order to seal the pyramid, and the Atheist are working hard at converting our youth to the concept of no God and no boundaries. Self intelligence is the code word, self placed in the universe by a random big bang, and self is smarter than the culture that came before them. Self-centered Atheist are more intelligent according to their mantra than would have been possible with a Supreme God. We have biology teachers in school teaching that Darwin was a complete Atheist, which is not what I have read. I have read that Darwin said that he was not afraid to die and that he felt at peace with God. Revisionist history is once again at work, as I learned that the Naturalist did not pick Darwin to go on discovery ventures into nature, as their first pick of choice at all because of his Christian background. Oh, I wonder which account is correct.

We have got to use the C's, that I have defined and reach our youth. What could be more important than for PACs to use money for television ads targeting children with a message that their intelligence is not the result of random design, and in fact their intelligence absolutely came from a power greater than self? How could this be done? Well perhaps you could show a beautiful garden with colorful flowers and show one artist attempting to duplicate the scene on a mural by throwing random colors on the canvas, and then show another artist that carefully looks at the scene that is to be duplicated and chooses each specific color for just the right shade. And then with thoughtful planning, the detail-oriented artist tries to duplicate the beauty in nature. But even the planned painting would not be as grand as nature, so no matter how intelligent an artist is, he or she pales in comparison to the intelligence of the creator. It does not get any simpler than this than for those Compassionate Conservatives to put the other C back into the plan, and allow Christ to chart the future for our children. Of course, I am using Christ because that is my religion, but any religion that believes in God fits into this plan.

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