Tuesday, October 25, 2005



If you go to this link, you will see that California is now 50% Hispanic! Many in the white race are slaving away at jobs, and paying higher and higher taxes to support this new wave of immigration. Are we going to sit back in our comfort zones, and allow this to continue? Or are we going to demand our elected leaders to get tough on immigration. Governor Perdue hides from the issue, as do other politicians because they have constituents using illegal immigrants to create profits in their busineses. Greed is the damnation of all great societies, which is exactly what the Bible says "the love of money is the root of all evil." We can have a society of all ethnics, but when one is working in our businesses without citizen status they are abused with low wages and substandard housing. Of course, they have no medical benefits but our hospitals are forced to provide health care. The money to pay for those uninsured is what has caused our health care premiums to spiral out of control, put pension plans in jeopoardy at major corporations, and force huge layoffs at large corporations such as GM and Ford. Our health care is not high just because of law suits, it is high to adjust for the massive immigration the United States has experienced since 1965 due to this grand scheme called the New World Order!

July 1, 2050: copied and pasted from the link, go to the link and look at the statistics of demographics in the United States! This is the vision of 2050 of the status quo continues!

"The Professional Ethnics are delirious with joy. They did it! The Professional Ethnics and their allies in government have committed genocide against White "Gentile" Americans while making the population density unbearable for the White "Gentile" Americans who remain. The immigrants have helped destroy the United States of America and recreated the same grotesque conditions that they left their countries to avoid. More peasants for the New World Order Feudal Masters. And the International Abuser/Controllers win,after all.
July 4, 2050:Will your children be thankful for their rice bowls and bicycles?"

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