Sunday, October 16, 2005


Beebee's Kool-Aid award for those that do not believe that we have a real black gang activity problem in the United States. We have got to have political leaders and police stand firm against gang activity and zero tolerance should be the law of the land. I say we put them on a boat and ship them to Cuba (the terrorist gang members that is). Didn't Castro send us a bunch of criminals in the past? It is time that we repayed him. There is a video that you can watch that shows where several hundred young black gang members hurled eggs, rocks and rioted by setting a building on fire in North Todedo. A white nationalist (called neonazi by the media) from Roanoke, Virginia (24 to 30 in total) planned a march to demonstrate against the rising gang violence in this North Toledo area. The rally had to be called off, but it looks as though the group is correct that gang activity is out of control. The link is to Channel 11 news in Toldedo where helicopters were used to take overhead shots of the violence. A Catholic dance had to be cancelled last night, and the town is under a type of martial law right now. Our United States is now the Third World folks! Oh, there will be apologists that turn the story into one that it is the whites fault for holding a march or rally, no it is the fault of our government that has allowed this type of hatred to breed in these black neighborhoods, and it is the fault of the African Americans that cannot bring their own children up to act as civilized people in our country! Toledo, Ohio is three times the city of Macon, Georgia and the blacks make up 23% of the population. On the other hand, blacks make up about 65% of the population in Macon, Georgia. And if you do not think that we have a gang violence problem in this City then you are drinking too much Kool-Aid! We are sitting on a ticking time bomb.

"Police say the curfew is geared toward loiterers on city streets, not businesses, or people with a legitimate purpose to be on the streets. As a precaution, both Central Catholic High School and Start High School have cancelled their homecoming events. St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center has also cancelled its 150th Anniversary event that was planned for Sunday afternoon at Central Catholic High School."

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