Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Hannity and Colmes Discover Prussian BlueNews; Posted on: 2005-10-24 22:35:27 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
Alan Colmes says singing duo "scaring Americans." TONIGHT, SEAN HANNITY joined with Alan Colmes, an ethnic Jew, to smear Prussian Blue singing duo Lamb and Lynx Gaede. According to Mr. Colmes, the parents are "using the kids for a sinister purpose." The show's special guest was Negro Jeffrey Gardere, clinical psychologist and author of "Smart Parenting for African Americans." Gardere wants the parents "brought up on criminal child abuse charges." He said "authorities need to look at the issue of sanity," and he called the kids "mentally unstable." As Gardere spoke, the words "FACES OF HATE" appeared on the screen in large block letters directly under an image of the twins. So much for balance. Alan Colmes described the girls as "brainwashed and indoctrinated in hate," but scoffed at the idea of criminal charges. Hannity asked Gardere (pictured) if the same standard should be applied to parents involved in Louis Farrakhan's "Nation of Islam." Gardere dodged the question, responding: "This isn't about Louis Farrakhan." He was asked the same question a second time and again said "this isn't about Louis Farrakhan." An Amazon.com review describes "Smart Parenting for African Americans" as follows: "Gardere presents a savvy, realistic guide for fostering self-esteem in Black children. Plus, there's sobering advice on handling a confrontation with the police."

Note by Beebee: In this multi-cultural cesspool that we call the United States, the white man/woman has been degraded into feeling shame for the black man's troubles. Movies are produced in Hollywood that portray multiracial marriage, a pro football game has to have a blonde only in a towel jump into the arms of a big black football player. My opinion is that if Hollywood wants to mix races that they keep it in their own belief system, but that will never happen. Do I hate people if they mix races? No, but I raise my children to marry in the white race. That is my right as a Citizen of the United States to be proud to be white. I do not advocate elimination of any race, and I have clients of many ethnicities. I cannot imagine the conservative black clients that I have promoting to their sons and daughters to go out and find you a nice white young adult to get married to. Those wealthy enough in the white race make every excuse known to mankind to send their children to a private school or to move to white only neighborhoods, a perfect example is Bill O'reilly and many others such as Macon's upper middle income whites. But the children of households where the families cannot afford to move to segregated neighborhoods have no choice in school selection, unless they home school. Some of the schools may be say 97% black, and then the white children that go to these schools are forced to be schooled in an environment where MLK is celebrated for an entire month, and the children have to feel shame and guilt for slavery that they are not responsible for. The communist education system created this nightmare in America, and it is an absolute failure. To be completely integrated in society, you cannot continually have the blacks demanding reparations and have society go along with the daily crucification of the white race. If this cultural nightmare is not solved, we are going to have a United States in a civil war like other third world countries. I read a news article this morning, that talked about Muslims being insulted by the piggy banks used in ads by some banks in Britain, so the banks are going to pull piggy banks from their marketing. We had better get a handle on the multi-cultural debate here before it is too late. And for you completely clueless whites, I have layed out the plan for you here of the blacks in America that are led by Jesse Jackson, Russel Simmons, Howard University Law School graduates (see the outrageous speech there on October 14th by the guy who talked about eliminating the white race), Al Sharpton, and I could go on and on. These leaders under the umbrella of Louis Farrakhan are pushing for their people to convert to the Muslim-Islam faith. Now to fall under the radar screen, Farrakhan does refer to Jesus as a great prophet. This will trick Christian blacks into falling for the line that Islam is and should be their faith! But listen closely to what he says folks, he says that Jesus is a servant to Allah!!!!!

This morning, I heard a local radio personality talk about Shirley Franklin being listed in the top mayors of the United States. Now, no mention is made in the media that Shirley Franklin's daughter was married to a big time drug dealer recently arrested in California. You see, it is an agenda by those that control the media to push the black race up and beyond the white race, no matter if they deserve it or not. I do not see anything so great about Shirley Franklin. I think that Atlanta is turning into a town that I do not care to visit! When we stayed at the Omni, a few years back we were approached by pan handlers going in a department store. And when we parked in a parking lot to go to the Hard Rock Cafe, we were interrupted two times by drug addicts asking us for money, as we walked to the restaurant. And this was about 6:30 in the evening. The entrance ramp going to Six Flags in Atlanta (we just went this summer) looks like a slum now leading to the park. The grass is not neatly trimmed. So I can honestly say that since I moved to Macon from Kentucky in 1981, Atlanta and Macon have gone down hill! Take a tour down Pio Nono Avenue, and look just close to where the exclusive Stanislaus is located and you will see an outdoor flea market operated in a used to be gas station. Look on the sides of the road when you are at red lights and you will see cigarette buts by the thousands and trash along the road, especially at Rocky Creek and Pio Nono. Why, now we have a vacant Walmart on PioNono, and now a vacant Home Depot that has relocated and closed its doors! We have leaders in Macon wanting to build a convention hotel, and I say that they need to open their eyes and clean up this slum area on Pio Nono! You never see the grass neatly trimmed anymore, like it once was in Macon. Oh well, if you are wearing rose colored glasses you will never see it.

This PC thing has ran its course in the United States. I am fed up with it, and most feel like I do but they are afraid to speak up.
And before anyone comes at me for being an ignorant red neck from the south, I will tell you that I am highly educated and my IQ is 122 (way above the average)! I am tired of this brain-washing in the media that has an agenda of white genocide!!!!


KAT said...

I must agree and disagree with you again. Per Prussian Blue I find it repugnant that children have been indoctrinated to spew this hatred. As long as they don't do physical harm to anyone I don't see where it is anyone's business.

As for Shirley Franklin's son-in-law it does not necessarily mean that Shirley is a dirtball but I would say it doesn't reflect well on her parenting skills. The reason Mayor Franklin's son in law hasn't been mentioned is possibly because to do so is getting a little personal.

I will agree unequivocally that our press is gutless. That is, when they don't air filler about how Rosa Parks was good for Macon and mention the gold-star wives. We have major issues such as RecallEllis that are ignored by the Macon press.

Where are race relations headed? I see race relations worsening but I see "black honkeys" coming into vogue a la Herman Cain. Were it not for sparks of black sufficiency I would say we would eventually have to build a Gaza Strip for African-Americans.

I hope this nation is better than to get to the point where we would have to give black people a section of the country to live in.


BEEBEE said...

Kat said:

I must agree and disagree with you again. Per Prussian Blue I find it repugnant that children have been indoctrinated to spew this hatred. As long as they don't do physical harm to anyone I don't see where it is anyone's business.

Beebee's Response: You see if you watched ABC or read their online print you are getting terrible biased reporting. You see, they have been home schooled, and they are wanting the same things that African Americans and Mexicans want to live with their own kind. They do not talk about wanting to harm people. Kat, I have raised my children not to interracially date and or marry. That is the right of any man or woman to instill those beliefs into their children. The mother of these girls is trying to protect her daughters and other daughters that do not have guidance in their homes.

You see, I read that in California that 40% of the out of wedlock births born to white girls is hispanic births. So this is just not about whites singing about their feeling insecure around African Americans, but it is about feeling insecure around Mexicans. Read the quotes I have online that were given by prominent African Americans and Prominent Mexicans. These are the ones that are racist very racist and remember Jesse Jackson is a vile African Americans that has no use for white people as is Farrakan. Think about this fact, we pay taxes and the African American leaders in this City, had Jesse Jackson invited to City Hall with a large group. Jesse, as usual was soliciting money for a march earlier this year in Atlanta. Did you happen to catch the photo of Ms. Ponder on the front page of the paper? And I can assure you, she did not go to Atlanta alone.

You had better take off your rose colored glasses, Kat, as the African American race has no use for the whites. If you notice, I repeatedly call the blacks "African Americans." Is this a term that white people coined for them to be exclusive from us. Have you not noticed that you never see whites calling themselves European Americans or Italian Americans or French Americans or Russian Americans or German Americans? No, you know why? It is because the whites in our country assimilated as one United Citizen group, whereas the Blacks have created a separate name for them. As Al Sharpton said, "we cannot stand under the American flag...we need to align ourselves with Cuba as they are ready to help with our cause." This may not be verbatum, but I have the post here in this blog. And this was given in a speech a couple of years ago in Atlanta to 700 people and drew a large applause. Right in the beginning of our War on Terror when we were all supposed to be in solidarity as a nation, when every Nascar race had fly overs and huge displays of American patriotism by all of the fans. Now, would you not agree that most prominent black leaders in Macon and Atlanta were in attendance at this Black World Congress event?

I did not create this mess of diversity in the United States, but hate mongers created it. You know at one time, my ancestors were nothing more than indentured servants and share croppers. I have had relatives pass on that toiled as farmers all of their life as a share cropper (basically a slave working someone else's farm for a place to live because when you die you do not even own the house you lived in). Irish were so persecuted in the United States that there were signs in windows that read "Irish need not apply." The Irish were the gypsies and called Irish Travelers. As a matter of fact, there are still Irish Travelers that wonder about still searching for jobs. The Germans have been discriminated against for years, as every German is tied to being a Nazi still today, which happens to be what Lynx and Lamb's family are. If you were named with the surname of Gaede, and were a German and your family received persecution for being a German would you not feel threatened to live in the United States? For the most part all of the different Caucasian groups that I have mentioned above asssimilated into the melting pot called the United States. Because of a Civil Rights movement that is ongoing now for over 40 years, hatred is brewing in the United States. Now, I have practically poticed a book online about reference matereial you can look at. We cannot live together in harmony because these radical blacks are in charge, and they are in charge in practically every southern city now. Look at my quotes from African American quotes from prominent leaders that I have posted. The CSPAN link to the radical speaker on Oct 14, 2005 was given at Howard Law School in DC, and those on the panel within him were African American Lawyers and alumni and or professors at Howard Law School. Now they are trying to distance themselves from him saying that they did not go along with him saying "we must exterminate the white race." But I listened to the tape, and they did not say any such thing!

Anyway, I firmly believe that the African American has created a vision in their mind of the United States devoid of "whitey." I have read and heard enough to get the message loud and clear. Now, does this mean that common African American worker that is raiing their children feels this way? No, the average does not. But, if you understand history if you truly understand just what the term "history repeats itself" then you can realize what an organized group can do to a Country. Look at Africa, that was once populated by quite a few whites. Now, Africa is down to 10% white, and the white farmers are being forced off farms that have been in their families for perhaps six generations because the black Africans are of course in power with their communist model of power. By the way, you do know that Cuba is a comminist country don't you? Read Charles Richardson's columns for instance in the Macon Telegraph and you will see him occasionally say he believes in capitalism, but everything he endorses is a Communist model. Our education system now is right out of the Communist plank! Mr. Richardson wholeheartedly endorses it, and the African Amercians would tax you to the point of you having to sell your home to pay taxes if need be to pay your taxes! As I sad, this was not created in America overnight, as this has evolved over many decades. Hatred is brewing in those that are supposed to be the most educated of the African Americans in our Country! They are instilling hatred in the youth that have formed their gangs, and the rap songs that tell them to rob the white man when given the chance-look at the looters in New Orleans. Look at the looters recently in Toledo, look at the looters that put LA in a crisis mode over Rodney King. Look at how every large gathering of blacks in America celebrated and gave high fives when OJ got acquitted over the death of Nicole and her friend! OJ was proved guilty without a reasonable doubt, and if there had been a video that documented the video I am sure that the OJ defense would have said that it was a doctored video made by the racist cop Mark Furhman.

Did you know that the word out in Farrakhan's followers, Howard University graduate thoughts and the Black Caucus belief structure is that all of the African Americans are political prisoners and should be released! That is if they convert to Islam, then they should be released from prison!

Anyway, we are headed for a civil war in this country. It is going to be with Mexican fringe groups joining African American fringe groups. Oh the supposed educated ones will not be the first to pick up weapons, it is the youth that they are teaching to be militant and hateful toward white people. But trust me, anyone that wants to save their life in the battle that they are creating will have to fight for their life or die. This is the hatred seed that they are planting. You did not plant this seed nor did I, but the seed has sprouted and it is growing. If you made it to the end of this post, God Bless You!