Saturday, October 29, 2005


In the blog that follows this one, you will see a list of authors that I copied from the above linked website that have their published works listed. This is an organized effort to remove Christianity from our society. You see our religion based upon over 5,000 historical documents about the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a fairy tale. Their heathen idea of the world with their filthy pornography, their homosexuality (protected right but not the right of the homosexual to lure others to their ways), their promotion of assisted suicide death, their support of Terry Shiavo's forced starvation on the Christian holiday of Easter 2005, their hatred toward the gentile, their bigotry, their racism, their hypocrisy and we are their best friend in the "War on Terror." A statistic for you to swallow, 25% of the inhabitants of Israel are Atheists! Are you getting the big picture yet? It is past time for the Jews of faith in God to stand up and fight against the atheistic Jews and agnostic Jews that call Christians stupid trolls and much worse on their no God blogs, stand up and fight for our right to our faith. Our Christian men and women have shed blood for their freedom too under the flag of the United States of America, and it is the Jews' time now to stand with us as American citizens and show that their allegiance is not just to Israel. A good analogy is a stock broker telling a client hey I am here to help you create a retiement nest egg, and here is a great investment for you to make, while at the same time putting in huge stock sales for the very same investment because the company has just released a negative earnings forecast (this happens every day by the way). The Revolutionary War was not about an allegiance to Israel, as it was about a new world that was established for a better life and freedom from tyranny. When Christians are stripped of their rights, that is religious persecution in the very Country that the Puritans settled. New York was originally called New Amsterdan, and where my family settled in Indiana have towns such as New Bethel, Canaan, New Hope and Mount Pleasant to name those where I resided in Jefferson County. My people toiled in the fields from daylight to dark six days a week, and Sunday was reserved for worship and family. It was normal for as many as 40 in our family to gather at my grandparents' old farm house at least once per month for a big dinner and a cold watermellon chilled in a big tub of ice. We were not religous nuts as some call those of the Christian faith, but we came from the roots that insisted a man or woman's word is all that is needed for a contract to be made. A person's word was their entire reputation in a small farm community, and it was better than many written contracts issued in today's time. I heard someone talking about this same concept of a person's word is their reputation the other day, and cannot remember who it was, so I am plagarizing in a sense because of forgetting their name. So, for the Godly Jews it is your time to hold up to your bargain with us as Americans, you cannot be our friend to our face and enemey in the closet. It is time that we became open and frank, and we need to know just what is your agenda? As President Bush said about the War on Terror, "You are either with us or against us." And of course, it is important to point out United We Stand and Divided We Fall. We will not be willing to stand with anyone that attempts to remove our Christian identity from the United States. Christians should always respect others religions, but likewise we deserve the same respect.

You know I do not care what people say about my writing, and to hell with the athiests! The battle is on, and the Christians had better wake up and win this battle for Christ. And I am not advocating violence, but we can win at the ballot box because we have the numbers to change this vile course that the secularist are trying desparately to wipe us out of existense. We absolutely must push for the voucher system for education. As Christians, we should not have to fund an atheistic education system. If the atheist want to teach their hatred at Harvard and other such colleges and in our public elementary and high schools, then they should be funded with private donations, period. Yes, some of us are fortunate enough to afford private school for our children, but we must not abandon the poor children left to go to publicly funded schools where they are indoctrinated in the atheistic model of education. That which was created by Karl Marx and Freud is the model of education that is used in our publicly funded schools. It is time for America to wake up and be the shining light of the world, as Ronald Reagan and other great leaders have envisioned for the United States. We are no longer the shining light of the world, our children cannot read and write and they are lacking in math skills. The ability for children to create has been trampled on because of individualism removed from the constructs of public education. If your child has a mind of their own and thinks outside the box, they are told that they must follow the rules. The rules are communistic where all are molded to the will of the government. Only the elitist are supposed to advance in such a communistic society, and all others are supposed to share their earnings with those too lazy to work.

For instance, check at Michael Moore in the list below. And it is not the same Michael Moore that wrote "Bowling for Columbine," as far as I can tell.

Our enemies are no longer hiding in a Trojan Horse, for now they are exposing themselves on the Internet for people like me to find. Spread this blog around to other Christians, and create your own blogs and network with friends. We have the numbers to change history. Christianity will win out, and our struggles will be great. But least we forget what Jesus Christ endured when he was nailed to the cross. Do not turn you heart and mind from Jesus Christ. With belief in the Lord, all things are possible. He is there waiting for his people to stand up for the Lord.

You see my belief is that this war on terror is a manipulation of the Christians to fight for Israel. And you know this is not me making it up, I have a quote from one of the Godfathers of the Jews, Bill Krystal, who said that the Jews' allegiance is to Israel. I will post that link as well for the source. You see it is wrong for men to try to bring about what the bible prophesizes, as no man knows the time of Christ's return nor can no man time the resurrection of the Holy Land. Now, this may very well be the time of the second coming, but that I cannot prove or disprove. But we cannot be fighting for the security of the Holy Land, while at the same time the secular atheistic people that belong in the ethnos of the Jews are seeking to destroy Christianity. This is where my comparison to the story of the Trojan Horse with the enemy within the belly of the treacherous gift comes to light. We are the Trojan Horse, and we are providing fodder for the beast to destroy on a daily basis. God Bless our United States of America and in Jesus Christ's name I pray for our salvation from destruction.

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