Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I have just finished reading an article by Joe Sobran dated October 4, 2005 entitled "The Reactionary Utopia-The Insolubility of Politics." You can read the short article at Mr. Sobran writes what all those that study history know, which is that a Democracy will eventually destroy itself. We have so many federal programs, as pointed out in the article, that there is no one that even knows how many we have. And there are so many laws that have been written, over 40,000, and as I type this email more laws are being written by Congress.

Another writing that I read pointed out a great truth, which is that for every law written to help one group that another group suffers harm. The writers of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution did not mean for government to become a beast that ate its Citizens, but that is what we are living with. We slave at our tasks from daylight to dark in many instances, and then have to make choices with how we spend the leftover scraps of our labor after the government collects whatever it deems to be its fair share. Like a huge out-of-control ponzi scheme, we have local politicians, state politicians and federal politicians voting on how to squeeze one more cent out of the constituents in order that others can survive and prosper.

The Libertarian Party will be the answer oneday when the population wakes from this slumber, but it will be too late to save the United States. We are indebted in such a bad way, that we can never derive a plan to be solvent again. Locally, we have those that demand a library be built in south suburban Macon, and then we have the greed misters that want a convention hotel that the public provides the foundation for. As I have watched my families stock investments go up and down in a sideways movement over the last five plus years, I am sickened when I hear this Mr. Swartz and friends say that they want to put up a supposed $7 million into a convention hotel, and get a return of anywhere between 12 and 15%! Wow, what a sweet deal, as who would not want such a guaranteed return with nothing to lose because the rest of us are providing the backing for the venture. I am trying to put something into this writing that is pertinent to what Mr. Sobran writes about. These schemes are out and out fraud, but elected officials fearing that they may lose some votes will more than likely go along with this improper use of our tax base. But the biggest reason that elected officials will go along with such public financing is because of a lack of understanding about the money that will be generated by tourism. Remember what Barnum said, "there is a sucker born every minute."

Anyway, check out the article if you wish. If you are tired of a government that is robbing our livelihoods like Jesse James, except without a gun, then try to educate your friends, relatives and acquaintances away from their disengagement with politics toward an understanding that it is either pay attention now or suffer the consequences later.

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