Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Let us celebrate Christ's birthday with a true honor of him, by not giving our money to those that seek to remove him from our culture! The secularists mock his name by putting out slogans against SUVs by saying "what would Christ drive?" Well let our slogan be "How would Christ want his birthday celebrated?" Think about it, would he really want us to line the pockets of enemies of God?I suggest that since we have the secular retail group out with their predictions that we Americans will spend 5.1% more on Christmas than last year that those of us that are Christians should do the following: Still keep the Christmas spirit by mailing Christmas cards, and if the card usually accompanies a gift for a family member, then we could make up our own form of personal gift certificate that entitles the bearer to a gift from us in January 2006.With younger children this would not be as easy, but try to figure what you spent last year for Christmas and try to spend say 25% less than what you spent last year (perhaps you could do your shopping now). Retailers are marking down items now because the high cost of gasoline has people under budget constraints. You can even take advantage of no interest deals at such places as Best Buy, etc....Why should we help those that want to remove Christ from Christmas? I say we put them in a tail spin this holiday season. If you believe in this message, send it on and let us get a real revolution going! Let them know that Jesus is the reason for the season. We can celebrate Christ birthday without lining the pockets of the Atheists!IF YOU BELIEVE IN THIS MESSAGE, USE YOUR RIGHT CLICK FUNCTION TO COPY IT AND THEN PASTE IT ON YOUR BLOG OR SEND IT IN AN EMAIL. WE CAN CREATE A CHRISTMAS REVOLUTION IF WE WORK TOGETHER!

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