Sunday, December 04, 2005


By Jim Bush
Too Hard To Take
Funny How some parents
Will fight
To allow their children
To fight In a war
Strange How some parents
Will deride a mother
Who's lost a son
For asking the questionWhy?
Interesting How some parents
Would rather be proud
Of their children
Than to have them safe At home
Could it beThat for somePride
Is more important Than life?
Is it possible
That for some Fear and hate
Are stronger passions
Than love?
MaybeFor someMeaning is found
Through the loss Of a child?
Or maybeFor many
The real truthIs just too hard To take

Jim Bush is an Army veteran who lives in Portland, Oregon.

Comment by BeeBee: The leftist media that was so opposed to the war was looking for a Cindy Sheehan to destroy the Republican Party, but when she questioned the reason for the war and wanted to know is this war for Israeil, they dropped her like a hot potato. Not even John Kerry will use her to advance his cause nor Howard Dean nor Hillary Clinton. I know who controls the media and both political parties, and I wish that the rest of America knew. I am a patriotic American through and through, but I do not like being deceived. It would not have mattered who was in power Republican or Democrat because come hell or high water either party would have been mislead to invade Iraq. But the Repulicans will take the fall for the war, but in reality it is America that is taking the fall. I am so proud of my son's service for five years to the Marine Corp, but I can honestly say that he is done with his service because I want to die before he does.

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