Sunday, December 18, 2005


Who is responsible?
What could have caused such absolute disregard for the dignity of our fallen soldiers coming home from Iraq? I could not believe what my eyes and ears were seeing and hearing last evening on the news. I learned that parents had to fight for their only son to be delivered to them in California with proper military protocol. Do not our soldiers deserve more than to have their coffins shipped back in the cargo area of a commercial aircraft? Cost should never be in issue in the transport of our bravest who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
This war has cost nearly a half trillion dollars, and much of the money has been spent on fraudulent and inflated military contracts. This is not a particular party's fault. I blame Democrats and Republicans alike. Shame on the whole bunch of them. We need a full blown investigation into this, and we need to know how many soldiers were returned to our country in this manner. Every person who had a hand in this disgrace should be exposed and fired from their positions. Any politician that had knowledge of this disgraceful treatment of our heroes does not need to be re-elected.
Linda J. Poole

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