Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Israel and Nuclear Weapons
How many nukes does Israel have --- or need?

Deadly Arsenals, published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in June 2002, reports that Israel is attempting to arm its diesel submarines with nuclear cruise missiles. Published reports going back to 1998 describe Israel's acquisition of diesel submarines and testing of cruise missiles. The recently published book Deadly Arsenals states that Israel "is believed to have deployed" 100 Jericho short-range and medium range missiles that are nuclear capable. Israel also has nuclear bombs that could be delivered from the US-made F16 fighter jets and US-built Harpoon missiles that could be launched from plane or ship. Israel's nuclear-capable sea-launched cruise missiles were tested in May 2000 and may have a range of more than 900 miles. With its three submarines, Israel could deploy one nuclear-armed submarine at sea at all times.
According to retired US Army Colonel Warner D. Farr, M.D., Israel is the fifth largest nuclear superpower in the world. By 1967, Israel already had 15 atomic bombs in its arsenal. In 1976, their nuclear arsenal grew to 15 to 20 nukes, and by 1980 jumped to 200. According to Farr, in 1997, Israel now has over 400 nuclear and hydrogen weapons.A hydrogen bomb is a boosted, stronger nuclear bomb, with 100 to 1,000 stronger power than a regular nuclear bomb. This bomb produces immense heat and a shock wave that affects an extensive area, and despite this, it produces a smaller amount of fallout and radioactive contamination. The hydrogen bombs are considered to be a sophisticated, expensive and complicated weapon to develop. [Source: USAF Counter-Proliferation Center}
The bottom line --- today Israel and the other nations possess too many nuclear weapons. One is too many; a hundred is nuclear insanity. The time has come, now in the 21st Century, to dismantle all nuclear weapons, and to abolish all weapons of mass destruction. The Nuclear Age is over.
What you can do to stop nuclear insanity

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