Saturday, December 03, 2005


Expectant crowds throng streets as pensions report is published
30 Nov 2005 by Glory SergeiThe capital was brought to a virtual standstill today as the nation's bibliophiles were swept up in the excitement surrounding the publication of Adair 'JK' Toweling's latest report on the UK pensions industry.The roads around Overseas House in London's glittering west end became a sea of sleeping bags and makeshift tents as eager-eyed youngsters guessed at the fate awaiting their favourite characters in the ongoing saga of witchcraft and index-linked annuities. Many came in fancy dress, wearing the sombre charcoal-grey suits beloved of their heroes as they counted the hours until 9.30 Wednesday morning.Turnling's latest adventure is expected to show the torment of adolescence: Harry 'Pension' Pot realising for the first time the extent of his deficit and falling for the lure of 'soft compulsion'. Leaked details of the final draft of "The Half-Baked Scheme" suggest the book - like the others in the fabulously successful series - will be chock-full of cheap tricks and sleight of hand.Greg Mullet, 10, of Stockton-on-Tees, said the unveiling of the report was "the most wickedest day of my whole life!""I'm particularly looking for Red Adair's comments on whether the government should employ structures to tackle the motives for employee opt-out, and his recommendations on the role of trustees," he added.

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