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Today, the Millions More Movement led by Minister Louis Farrakhan, in photo, had such speakers as Russell Simmons, Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (TX), Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and many hip hop singers all with a unifed message of black power, unity among the blacks, hatred for blonde haired and blue eyed people, such as my family, and a demand that they be paid their reparations. The March came to and end with a lady pleaing for the clemency of this murderer Stanley Tookie Williams who is supposed to be executed in January. Did you know that all of the African American prisoners in our profit oriented prisons are political prisoners? Why the very crimes that they have been convicted of is our fault, and they should be released! The message was one of creating an African American Agriculture Department, an African American Defense Department and Cuba has offered to train African Americans to become doctors. President Bush was tried and convicted on CSPAN today, and I truly now believe John Edwards that we have two Americas. I say Tookie should be put to death for his violent crimes, and I pray that the whites in the United States wake up to this hatred that is brewing in the African American race against us. I sure am aware of the big picture, and it is not a pretty picture for our future. If the African Americans want their own in all aspects, even their own education system as Farrakhan said, then let us take a vote on it. I am tired of my tax dollars, even one cent going to pay for their race to advance over me. Let us separate, and see how long they can make it on their own. The white race does not owe them one cent of reparations, and it is time that the intelligent blacks stood up and denounced this nonsense. Farrakhan and his cronies called for a United States of Africa. There is an editor in the Macon Telegraph that compared Farrakhan to Pat Robertson (give me a break). I compare Farrakhan to Hitler, and I see nothing but hatred for whites in all of his and the Black Panther's words! In California, we have the Mexicans attempting to reclaim the land, and then we have radical minded African Americans wanting to create their own party with Mexicans, Native Americans, Latinos, and other races not "white" called the "POP" or the Party of the People. This is how they can reclaim the United States that they claim to have built! I looked for this old post again because the hearing is coming up in California concerning the clemency of Tookie! He murdered four people for goodness sakes! The Terminator Governor of CA will meet with the lawyers on both side on December 8th, and black radio stations and cable news channels including Fox are discussing the case. Will the governor cave in now for fear of riots in California or will he do the right thing and have the murderer executed?

High court says execute Crips founder
By DAVID KRAVETS, AP Legal Affairs Writer
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(10-12) 00:04 PDT San Francisco (AP) --
The Supreme Court refused to take the case of California death row inmate Stanley "Tookie" Williams, a founder of the Crips street gang whose later work for peace won him Nobel Peace Prize nominations.
Williams, who has been praised for his children's books and efforts to curtail youth gang violence, could be executed as early December if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger does not grant clemency. The 51-year-old former gang member claims Los Angeles County prosecutors violated his rights when they dismissed all potential black jurors.
Williams, who claims he is innocent, is in line to be one of three California condemned inmates to be executed within months. He was condemned for killing four people in 1981 and claims jailhouse informants fabricated testimony that he confessed to the murders.
"We feel very strongly that this is an appropriate case for clemency because of what Stan has accomplished," said Andrea Asaro, one of Williams' attorneys.
While in San Quentin State Prison, Williams has been nominated five times for a Nobel Peace Prize and four times for the Nobel Prize for literature for his series of children's books and international peace efforts intended to curtail youth gang violence.
His case reached the justices following a February decision by the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. That court, as did the Supreme Court on Tuesday, refused to grant Williams another hearing based on his argument that prosecutors violated his rights when they dismissed all potential black jurors from hearing the case.
The San Francisco appellate court had suggested he was a good candidate for clemency. The judges cited the children's books he has written from prison, in addition to messages of peace he posts on the Internet.
The California Criminal Justice Legal Foundation is urging against clemency, and no California governor has granted clemency to a condemned murderer since Ronald Reagan spared the life of a severely brain-damaged killer in 1967.
"Perhaps now he will finally get the punishment that a jury unanimously agreed he deserved," said the group's president, Michael Rushford.
Schwarzenegger has rejected clemency for the first two condemned men asking to commute their sentences to life without parole. In Schwarzenegger's latest rejection in January, he said an inmate's model behavior in prison was not enough to sway him to grant mercy. That inmate, Donald Beardslee, was executed days later.
Williams and a high school buddy, Raymond Washington, started the Crips street gang in Los Angeles in 1971.
Williams was sentenced to death in 1981 for fatally shooting Albert Owens, a Whittier convenience store worker. He also was convicted of using a shotgun a few days later to kill two Los Angeles motel owners and their daughter during a robbery.
Last year, "Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story" aired on television, prompting thousands of e-mail messages to Williams from young gang members who said his life story helped them turn their lives around.
"Today is a shameful day in the history of American jurisprudence," said Barbara Becnel, a Williams confidant who edited Williams' nine children's books. "Today the U.S. Supreme Court has said in its ruling essentially that it is OK for a white prosecutor to kick all of the African Americans off of a jury."
The justices, meanwhile, on Tuesday also set aside legal challenges from California condemned inmate Michael Morales, now 45, who raped and killed a 17-year-old Lodi girl whose body as found beaten and stabbed in a nearby vineyard 24 years ago. Authorities are seeking a February execution for Morales.
Among other things, Morales challenged a jury's finding that the murder was committed while torturing the victim — which was the basis for the death sentence.
Last week, the justices also paved the way for the execution of Clarence Allen, a leader of a Fresno crime ring who ordered three killings from Folsom State Prison where he already was serving time for murder. Prosecutors are seeking a January execution for Allen.
The cases are Williams v. Brown, 04-10500; Morales v. Brown, 05-23; Allen v. Brown, 04-10556.
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