Sunday, December 18, 2005


At present, there are several men in prison for their revisionist theories regarding the Holocaust. We have Ernst Zundel in prison in Germany right now with his trial on hold, and his fate is hanging in the balance. The definition of revisionism makes careful note to assume that the original facts of history are based upon solid and undisputed truth, and that any other research into the matter must be fictitious. Now, a logical person should look at today's media and realize that all news is either reported hard left or hard right, and rarely fair and balanced.

A good example of bad revisionism would be the recent Tookie Williams debate. At first, we heard in the news that he had made a huge difference in kids lives that would have been in gangs if not for Tookie, and about these wonderful books that were written by him and that he had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. And then we hear a few days later that he sold a few hundred or so books, and that there is no proof of how many kids lives that he turned around and that yes, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but he did not obtain it. Now if the Black Caucus and the Rappers controlled all of the media outlets whether it be radio, print or television, which statements do you think we would have been told to be the absolute truth? So this should ring a bell in your head for you to ask just who controlled the media during the Holocaust and who controlls the media today? As one writer said "those that you cannot criticize are those that are in power" (not verbatum).

None of the revisionist that I know of have actually denied the Holocaust, they have just disputed the numbers of deaths, the methods of deaths and they have used scientific measurements to back up their research. In addition, they have recorded writings of those that were actually there during this time period and their accounts of this period differ from what those in power wrote and recorded as fact. It is supposed to be a fact that six million Jews were killed during the Holocaust, but there is not a list that list all of the names.

If the revisionist could be proved completely wrong, would it not seem logical that the media would want to expose their positions and then tear the facts apart? Instead, I would estimate that less than 2% of the population of the United States even know that men have been locked up in Europe for questioning the Holocaust. Will we ever have an honest fact finding concerning the Holocaust? I surmise that we will not, and we are experiencing dejavu today with the Iranian President who made the comment about wanting to wipe Israel off the map, when I have read other sources that he actually said that God would wipe them off the map. But his comments have been hyped and hyped, and in the previous post an attempted murder on Iran's President occurred on the 17th of December. The comments will be replayed and replayed, and how do we know what he actually said unless we understand Arabic or if a journalist interviews him on television with an interpreter. Iran is a relatively young country with 40% of its Citizens living below the poverty line, and the nuclear option is not an option that any of us desire. I am absolutely opposed to a nuclear bomb being dropped on Iran by Israel or the United States. We need to negotiate for a peaceful resolution, as we need to treat all people in the world with human dignity. Dropping a bomb will not solve any problems, and it will only cause the population in the Middle East to hate us even more.

There are already strategy papers written about the need to attack Iran that are also on this blog, and all the war mongers need is a spark to light the fire. Iran was a player with the United States in the beginning phases of the Iraq War, but now they are making deals with China with oil trades. This is unacceptable for our need to control the oil markets, right? It is the same with Sadam, as once he was a player with the United States, but then he started doing deals with Europe and if he had changed his oil trades based upon the Euro it would have devastated the US dollar. Don't you just love Revisionism, unless of course it is historical buffs trying to right a wrong?

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