Monday, December 19, 2005


John 11:35 Jesus wept.
I am saddened to see the debate about Intelligent Design vs. Evolution. We are opening the door for the atheist to brain-wash our children even more. Monitor your children's activity on the computer because if children search for how Jesus loves them, they will be flooded with sites to go to that have atheist on them spewing hateful things to those that believe in Christ. I have visited an atheist blog, and I like Jesus wept. Protect your children from these lost souls because our children cannot fight off those that attack them for believing in God. I never realized so much evil existed in the world. Happy Birthday to Jesus this coming Christmas Day!

Jesus wept when He looked downand saw his children didn’t know him
The traditions of men had spread in the land
And awful sins, transgressions & hatred
Were more than His loving heart could stand?

He cried to know His saving message was being altered, remodeled & forsaken all around...He bled & died giving his sinless life so we might live yet his children bend not their knee to the ground.

Jesus grieves when He sees His people living a life full of Imperfection & flaws
They are following traditions & false doctrines ignoring God and His holy sacred laws.

He is heavyhearted when He sees the little children
Whose parents show them no love and affection?
They see a world of hate, destruction & violence
A world: In need of the Word of God for direction.

Forgive us Oh Lord, as a whole nation whose children have gone far astray as your tears fall down from heaven let them wash our sins far, far away.
Teresa Elaine Walker