Tuesday, December 06, 2005


The attack on Christmas by the ACLU, which is predominantly Jewish seems to me to be revenge for the Holocaust because the myth is that Hitler was a Christian and thus all Christians hate Jews. And since, the Christmas celebration started in Germany it seems to me that it is hated by those that want to erase Christianity from the United States and the entire world. http://www.kingsolomon.com/literary/essays/nazichri.htm This link explains some of what I am trying to convey. If I did not have an Aunt Helga, then I might buy into the theory about Germans being bad people. My Aunt Helga was married to my Uncle Kettig until he passed away from complications with MS. Uncle Kettig came down with MS in about 1972, and passed away in 2003. Anyone that knows about MS knows that it is an illness that destroys the myelin on the nerves and progresses slow at first with its paralyzing of the body. Uncle Kettig had the most caring wife to care for him, and trust me she endured much for those 31 years of his illness. Aunt Helga is good to everyone, and speaks very good English and became a United Citizen soon after my Uncle Kettig married her while he was in the Army. I wanted to go to Germany with one of their tours in the Army, when I was eleven. My father would not let me go, but I was an adventurer and I would have went in a heart beat. I would have loved to have gone and learned about the German culture. I think that we make too many peoples in the world our enemies, and I truly enjoy reading all of the different ideas of different people online. I can attest that Germans are not bad people.

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BEEBEE said...

I just clicked on the link in this post, and someone has replace the link with a disgusting page showing Beevus and Butthead. I suppose it is an atheist troll stealing websites that tell the truth, and replacing them with something vile and disgusting. Linda...September 6, 2009

ps I know how the system online works, there are atheist trolls all over the web who are attempting to destroy the truth from being told. These are the very same trolls who were administrators on Ann Coulter's blog when I argued about the Iraq War and the war in Afghanistan, by putting an aviator photo by each of my posts with a photo of Hitler by them. Then, I was abruptly kicked off the blog. I do have Ann Coulter, as a favorite writer in my profile, but Ann Coulter is an enemy of free speech, only because she knows that if she does not bow down to the corporate establishment that all of her books will be banned. Perhaps, she has awakened to the truth. But, when Ann Coulter destroyed Harriett Miers, who was nominated by President Bush to the Supreme Court, I was irate at her stupid and foolish remarks. She bowed down to the Zionist Christians and Jews who control the media, which makes me sick to my stomach.