Saturday, September 24, 2005


I want to point out some of the people that the media puts on a pedestal to make them seem glamorous. It is not the hard working people that actually turn the wheels of the economy, that are highlighted. My question is why people do not complain to the sponsors, and boycott the programs to force the media out of this habit of promoting losers.

1. Martha Stewart-a real thief that should not be glorified, she stole
money by the inside trading that she was caught doing.

2. Donald Trump-filed bankruptcy on his gambling casino (Chapter 11)
located in Atlantic City. Is he really a role model that should be
looked up to as a successful business person?

3. O.J. Simpson-anyone with a brain knows that he got by with double
homicide, but journalist will go out of their way to get him to give
an interview.

4. Former President Bill Clinton-was actually impeached, and is actually
one of the most morally disgusting Presidents we have ever had. Why
does the left have so much admiration for him?

5. Puff Daddy Colmes-a criminal figure that has had run ins with the law,
but the image makers dress him in a suit and all of a sudden he is the
man of the town?

6. Kobe Bryant-no doubt this scum bag had rough sex with this young lady in Colorado, and this is the definintion of rape. But people still pay
big bucks to watch him play ball, and he was glorified when visiting
hurricane evacuees in Houston.

7. Jane Fonda-betrayed our troops during war time, and sit on a tank of
the enemy and gave the clenched fist sign of the Communist

8. Ray Lewis-a couple of men were killed by stabbings outside an Atlanta
night club a few years back, and after some money changed hands the
witnesses went dumb on the stand. Ray Lewis was acquitted of
murders that had his blood all over them, and then went on to lead his
Super Bowl team to the win. Ray Lewis even got MVP!

9. Mohamed Ali-was a draft dodger and a boxer from Louisville KY that
was known as Cashis Clay. Clay changed his name to a Muslim name
and converted to avoid the draft. That is not herioc, but he is glorified
in the press by various awards, and even has a street named after him
in Louisville.

10. Hillary Clinton-involved in White Water that was part of the savings
and loans scandals and the media gives her a pass. Hillary used
our tax dollars to campaign for Senator of New York, and the media
gives her a pass. There are many more things about Hillary that one
could tell, but there are books to read on the subject.

These are just a few examples of bad people that the media glorifies. But if a conservative does something that is wrong, the media stretches the truth as far as possible. The media is one of the most destructive forces in America. Only those that are led by evil would operate in this manner. I could not believe when the U.S. Cole was attacked when President Clinton was in office, and the media did not demand that we go after these terrorists that killed many Navy sailors and Marines. Think about it, and you will come to the same conclusion. We are all sinners, but the media actually worships sin! Do you think that the media will worship the great leader of the Anti-Christ movement?

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