Saturday, September 17, 2005


Some may find my writing of faith to not belong on a political blog, but that is the problem with many. Go to church on Sunday and a day through the week, and shut the door on the Lord the rest of the week is the problem we face in society today. I will share a moment of prophecy for those that want to read it.

In 1964, I shared with my mother and my aunts that oneday my name would be in lights, when they ask me why I did not like to play outside much with the other children. I was an eight year old that liked to sit at the kitchen table and listen to the grownups talk, and liked reading and writing better than climbing trees and running around the farm. I told my Mom and my aunts, "you just wait and see oneday my name will be in lights." A big round of laughter came about, and they were amazed that a small child from such poor means would be so ambitious, but all encouraged me to go for my dreams. In the fall of that very year, my Mom passed away from her illness leaving me and my two younger sisters basically alone in this cold world.

After many trials and tribulations throughout my life, I was able to become a CPA because of much hard work. No handouts from the government, and not one scholarship but I made it. Because of a wonderful husband that believed in me, I was able to start my own small business. I was sitting there at my desk in a building that we had went out on a limb to purchase, and wondering if I would make enough money to pay the mortgage in October of 1996, and a man driving a truck and pulling a ditch witch pulled into the parking lot. This man informed me that he had rented the ditch witch for the day, and that he was an electrician. He ask me if I would like for him to put lights around my sign. I told him that I could not afford the lights at this time, but maybe later. I went toward my desk, and my Mom's voice spoke out to me "you always said your name would oneday be in lights..." I ran to the parking lot, and flagged the man down, and said please go ahead and install the lights and I will figure out a way to pay for them. During the same time period, we were paying a carpenter to build a deck railing around the porch, and this man told me that the strangest thing happened when he was cutting the posts for the deck. He said that he looked out into the field beside my building, and there was a woman sitting in the grass watching him that looked as though she was from a different time period, but when he looked away and back again that she had disappeared. He ask me if I thought he was nuts, and I did not tell him about the miracle because I did not know if he would believe it. I wish with all my heart that I would have told him the truth. This is a prophecy that was fulfilled, and proof that the Lord is alive. Christians are turning from their faith in alarming numbers, as I read that only 1/3 of all Christians believe that the only way to salvation is through the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the duty of Christians to spread this message, and to not be swayed by those that diminish Christ's works. God bless.

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