Friday, September 23, 2005


Many people did not understand what I was really opposed to in the SPLOST election in June of 2005. You see, I could see that the tax increase that was promoted was just a temporary band-aid to keep two groups separate for just a while longer. We have the white power base hanging on in the County, and the black power base that has taken over the City. I was praying that the tax would fail because for one thing I do not believe in raising taxes, but I saw it as a way to force the City into bankruptcy. This would have brought the competing forces to the table in a merger for the good of the whole community. What we have to look forward to is more and more white flight out of Bibb County because that is just the way the black and white divide is settled. And what is so sad to witness is that many people in Bibb County refuse to publicly admit that this is the case. We just got a good view of New Orleans during this past month, and this City was once mostly white and it was nearly 75% black. Oh there were white people working in the City, but many of them communted for as much as three hours each way to get to work! Is it racist to talk about racial divides? No, it is racist to pretend that it is does not exist.

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