Tuesday, September 20, 2005


It appears that Bibb County's ELOST is a done deal. What is so sad, is that people are just so turned off to Macon that the turnout for an election is disgraceful. But, I blame the elected officials that do not give a flip about informing the entire electorate about an election.

Now, to get the equivalent increase, gas at around $2.75 per gallon right now would jump to $3.85 per gallon by January 2006! That is a 40% increase, and that is what the sales tax will increase by with the first increase in October and the second increase in January (SPLOST is effective in October and ELOST is effective in January). Now, I venture to say that the liberals would be the first ones screaming if gas had an increase like this from now to January, even though they were beating the drums for more taxes.

This is what people vote in when you have elected officials that obviously do not have an intellect beyond sixth grade math promoting to their blind followers to vote yes! I see no hope for Macon, Georgia, and I do not think the residents will ever wake up and demand change.

For those that read my posts and become enlightened about our local governments that are working against all of its citizens, pass this blog address to friends, acquaintances and relatives in surrounding counties. We can build a coalition to educate voters, and gather email accounts to send out notices about elections coming up. Taxpayers lost this time, but we have time to educate many people for the future. We can develop our PAC to fight off the government that is supposed to work for us. Sad is it not, that Citizens have to ban together. This is what happens when people become lazy and detached from their government, which is that corruption becomes more and more prevalent.

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