Monday, September 19, 2005


Brian Nichols was rearrested on March 12, 2005, after being on the killing rampage where a judge and three other people were killed in Atlanta because of a lapse in security by the Fulton County officers assigned to security of the Court House. Now, if you remember a hostage saved her life by providing so-called divine intervention by reading "The Purpose Driven Life" to this savage (sorry folks I am not PC). Now, it is reported per a story that I found on WSB AM 750 in Atlanta, GA dated May 10, 2005 that "Nichols...reportedly converted to Islam while in jail." Now, why in the devil does the media hide this. I am trying to show a connection for people, which is that African Americans are converting to Islam in alarming numbers in the United States. If you remember, I have an earlier post about Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam leader, visiting Baptist churches in Macon to drum up interest for the upcoming anniversary march on Washington DC that occurred in 1995. Now, Brian Nichols was involved in drugs and is a cold-blooded murderer. With this in mind, connect the dots: drugs, murder, violent crimes, high coversion rates for African American men in jail and or prison to the Islam religion and the fact that Mr. Farrakhan preaches attonement. It is high time that our media becomes involved in exposing this to the general public. You can take this fact to the bank that if this were a white male that had committed this crime, and he shaved his head and became a skin head that the media would report it nonstop. How many white males convert to Islam while in jail or prison? Remember, when the African American male threw the grenades into tents of his fellow soldiers in Afghanistan? Well this army soldier was sentenced to death in a military court in Kentucky, but the news was basically swept under the rug, that this soldier was a convert to Islam! It is time for society to wake up before it is too late.

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