Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Ashley Smith, shown in this March 26, 2005 file photo, in Atlanta, survived a seven-hour hostage ordeal with courthouse shooting suspect Brian Nichols. Her book about the ordeal ``Unlikely Angel,'' was released Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2005. (AP Photo/John Bazemore, File)

I rained on some people's parade by telling them that there was more to Ashley Smith and Brian Nichols, when she came before the media for the first time. I predicted that it would come out that they did drugs at her apartment. Ms. Smith says in her book that she did not do drugs during the hostage situation, and that she gave Brian Nichols the drugs because she did not want to die and have meth in her nose. I believe that she was the safe house to go to, and that her drug connection sent Brian Nichols to her house. It will come out in court. There is way more to this story than meets the eye. From what I understand about Meth addiction is that you do not give up your habit on a dime. It is powerfully addicting, and Ms. Smith claims that she had done the drugs the night before. Brian Nichols had to have a safe place to go, and what are the odds of just happening upon a drug addict to abduct that would read a person "The Purpose Driven Life." If you believe in this nonsense, then you no doubt believe in the tooth fairy too.

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