Sunday, September 25, 2005


I feel that we need to tear down this wall that has been created by a minority in the United States that tells the majority that if you are critical of what some in our culture are doing to bring down American values, then you are an anti-semite. Ten years ago, I did not pay attention to what was bringing down our morals in society or better put, I did not try to trace the root of the problem. I just knew that movies seemed to be raunchier and television became an avenue for smut to be filtered into American homes. I have been reading all of the material that I can find before speaking out on what I feel is the root of the problem I am furious that after all of this research that I have read, that it is because of those that have corrupted society have also created this barrier that you cannot attack us because to do so we will destroy you as being an anti-semite. I have a lengthy writing that I will have the link for those that wish to read that pretty much sums up my research, and it is entitled "Rabbi Dresner's
Dilemma: Torah v. Ethnos," written by E. Michael Jones in May 2003, Culture Wars Magazine. I am not going to sit back quietly and give up my First Amendment right to free speech, and I am appalled at the gutless leaders in our Country that are meely-moused about this. Not all Jews are bad people, but those that are need to be addressed in the public eye! I want my children and grand-children to be able to live in an America that is defined by family values. If people are homosexuals, I do not want it pushed upon my family as being the norm. I do not want pornographic material pushed upon my children, and I do not my child to be taught that it is normal to have sex before marriage or to become engaged in homosexual relationships. Condoms do not belong in the classroom, and people like Jane Fonda are not good role models for children. Abortion is killing, and should not be promoted in our society, and it is important to note that the group called NOW is a Jewish created group. You see, we always have Jews telling us all of the wrongs that Christians are involved in. Well, I say that it is time for the Jews to get their own houses in order.
And a good place to start is by cleaning up Hollywood! Walt Disney was a Christian man that wanted clean wholesome entertainment in his Walt Disney World, and in his cartoons (I do not remember one Mickey Mouse cartoon being anything but clean entertainment). Well look what happened when the Jews bought Disney, and the films started being filled with smut. Why do you think that much of the Baptist groups boycotted Disney World? I am a very cautious person about what I write or say, and I have been researching for over five years now.

Here is a copy and pasted portion of this writing, and the link to entire article follows:
As a result of the Enlightenment, the Jewish community was split into Halachic and Maskilic Jews. The Halachic or ethnic or religious Jews may have been aggressively anti-Christian, but they defined themselves in terms of religious observance and traditions, and they lived in ethnic communities, and their animus was confined within those bounds. Once the Maskilic or secular Enlightenment Jews had given up the Torah as normative, their animus toward Christianity did not cease. They were now able to act on that animus unencumbered by moral considerations. They were also especially vulnerable to Messianic, revolutionary ideologies like communism and sexual liberation. Liberated from the Law, the Revolutionary Jew now had no scruples about things like mass murder or using pornography as an instrument of pan-cultural moral subversion. Everything was permitted as long as it brought about the universal community in which nationhood and ethnicity wither away to be replaced by universal brotherhood and some form of heaven on earth. Because it has abandoned its religious roots, this group tends in practice to define itself in a purely negative terms, i.e. as not Christian, as Alan Dershowitz does in his book The Vanishing American Jew. According to this view, Sigmund Freud, an atheist who thought that Moses was an Egyptian, is a Jew; whereas Edith Stein, born of a Jewish mother, intent on worshipping the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was not because she became a Christian.

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